Walk 'em down

Hello everyone, i wanted to share a little trick I picked up years ago in regards to weakening a targets resistance to your spells. Sometimes we run into certain people and for whatever reason we decide to work on them, only to find that they’re not being affected much. To circumvent this, simply write their name on a piece of paper and cross out the vowels. The reason for this, at least in the way I view it, is that vowels give structure to a name. Like bricks in a wall. Take out the right bricks and the whole thing collapses. likewise in a name, being the totality of a person and their experience,(past, present and future) taking out the vowels weakens their structure. Anyways, take this paper and place it in your shoe. Over time the paper will wear out. The name will start to fade. When this happens, start your work and you’ll see it start to take hold. I know it doesn’t have the glamour of ritual but if you work with concepts like " The thing is the thing" then the drama and aesthetic of ritual isn’t needed. I hope this makes sense and is at least useful to some of you.


That is a classic witchcraft spell. It is mainly used as a curse; basically, as you walk on the name, and it fades, the person will “walk” out of your life.

EA talks about it in his book Baneful Magick.

Crossing out the vowels is a unique touch though. Nice creativity :slight_smile:

I do disagree with this though. People have many names, public ones, private ones, family ones, and secret ones. One name alone does not encompass the totality of the individual.


I attribute the 5 vowels to the 5 elements, so taking them out would definitely weaken the structure. Nice spell.


Thank you. I needed this.

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Of course, that’s absolutely true. People do have many names. My siblings call me berben and I definitely respond to it , so it definitely has a kind of power over me. If I could explain however, for the sake of conversation, I have friend who at work everybody calls Chuck, I call him Chuck and sometimes chuckles but that’s not his name, his name is Carlos. That was the name his parents gave him, that’s the name he’ll carry for the rest of his life, unless he legally changed it of course, but behind Chuck, Chuckie and Chuckles is Carlos and that would be the name I use if I were to work on him. However that’s just my thought process and how i work my magic. If you got any interesting ideas in regards to name magic I’d love to hear (read) about them🙂p.s. I hope I didn’t come across as rude.


No worries :slight_smile:

I don’t view names in the same way as you do. I see them as simply an aspect of Self than a totality, just as magician takes a “magical name” and builds their magician aspect around it. Even one’s birth name is simply an aspect of one’s being, but often mistaken for all a person is. Some times, people do develop characteristics tied to the meaning of their given names, but others don’t. Some people take and drop names more often than others change their underwear.

I see magick worked on a name as magick worked against the traits built around that name, and completely dependant on the target’s own sense of Self. Highly effective for those who tie everything to their name, but not as effective against someone who’s identity is not bound up in that particular arrangement of letters.

I hope that makes some sort of sense.


This is true quality thread. Allready thinking of casting new curses. Totally cool


So … no good for love magick ?