Wait until break up spell has done its work before casting love spell?

I am working on getting a former girlfriend interested in me again. She is currently dating someone.
I am wondering if I should wait until the break-up spell work is finished and then start on the love spell work or should I be doing both in the same time frame?

The break up spell work takes about a month to complete.


I’d probs do one first then the other- that way you give each spell your full attention. But maybe start working on the target- your ex- in more subtle way in the meantime? Try E.A. s spell to influence people- theres a link to it somewhere on here- to try get her to start thinking/ dreaming about you again. Then after the breakup go for the full on ritual? JMO anyway, maybe someone else would have a better suggestion… I’m kinda doing a similar thing at the mo, kinda lol. Its complicated.

What breakup spell are you using anyway? This is something I need to do this week too!

It comes from a book titled “Magickal Attack.” I downloaded it from Amazon.com. It is a sigil magic spell. You call upon three demons each night for 33 nights in a row.
Yesterday was my first night performing it. I will report results when they are obvious.


LOL! Aren’t they always?

I would do the Two, since The Feeling she will Start Having For you due to the Love Spell will just Help To make her break her relationship more rapidly, Having less and less Feeling about the Guys she is Dating and Having more and more feeling toward you


^^ Actually yeah, that is a good point.

I believe that’s the route that I will go with. Sharp stick on one side and a tasty carrot on the other! (no dirty pun intended)

Ive always been taught that doing a love spell. While the person is with someone is very hard. In general love spells are the hardest magic to do. Its a complex entity with in itself. I did aspell with a female spirit i have with magnets. I gave one to me and 2 of my friends. The one guy is getting laid non stop like literally hes fucking a different girl at least 3 days a week. And me and the other guy are just geting gis coming on to is and smiling. Please dobt message me for the spell because its a palo mayombe spell. If your not scratched it wont work


Did your spell ever worked?

It did not. At least part of the reason was because I was targeting the wrong person on the break up spell. I only knew the first name of my ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend and I made a faulty assumption of who it was. I did not know this until much later.

By that point I had bigger fish to fry.


I did a love spell first.My ex came back to me and again he left. He made a gf. I don’t know about the breakup spell but i tried to separate my ex and his girlfriend with the help of indian astrologer. He was very powerful. I saw some movement.And i stopped stalking them thinking that its working but suddenly i saw the close picture of them. They got even more closer than before. Again i tried to separate them with help of another astrologer i saw some disturbance but same like before they got close. I thought texting my ex myself then he blocked me. I really love him. He is everything for me. But i feel all the live is gone between us. Its not because of that girl. Please somebody help me. Please :sob::sob::sob:. I can’t go with other guy. Please help me. What should i do? :sob::sob: