Wack sleep inducing whispers

Posting this under baneful magick since it was anything but pleasant.
Back when I was a teenager, and had started gaining interest in what lies beyond the physical world, and became friends with some practitioners, I sometimes used to hear multiple latin-esque whispers at random times. I say latin-esque as I took a year of latin around that time, and while it sounded roughly similar, none of the usual grammar and suffixes were there to be found.
I would not notice these whispers at first, and slowly get into a distracted trance like state, leading me to pass out as they got louder, unless I either got distracted by a noise or something, or suddenly realized that I was hearing them, which would jerk me awake.
I was hoping to find a similar experience from someone shared here, but my searches havent led me anywhere.
Does anyone know what all that could have been about? Or did anyone ever have such an experience?