Vulpa - magickal spirit

I was given this description of a spirit around me that’s doing me harm.

I’ve Googled and I’ve searched this forums and got literally zero useful information about this. The only thread that came up in the forum search was the power scan thread, which didn’t provide me with useful info about Vulpas.

Have you ever heard of a magickal spirit called a Vulpa? Or if you know what they are, I’d appreciate an explanation, or links to useful info. :slight_smile:


A Vulpa is an Eastern European wild nature spirit, specifically a trickster fox spirit. Some people associate them with the Japanese spirit, the Kitsune- but there is too little crossover to suggest any similarity.

I personally have not worked with one and only know of them through the few Euro-Shamans I tolerate around my fire.

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Thanks. But what I saw looked something like a black hag-like creature (that’s when I heard the name “Vulpa” but it was pronounced as “Volpah”, and then I heard something or someone say it was “a magickal spirit”. It didn’t resemble a fox in any way. Could it be that these Vulpas can shapeshift?

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60th demon of the Goetia. Might be the spirit that contact you.

Thanks, but it isn’t Vapula. :wink:

Maybe you mean Tulpa?

I wondered about that too, but I definitely heard “Volpah” which I thought might mean “Vulpa” since that’s the closest spelling and pronunciation I can find.

Besides, Tulpa is a physical being, correct? What I saw isn’t a physical being. It looked like a black hag-like being, and the description I received was, “It’s a magickal spirit”, which gave me the impression it’s a created astral entity, possibly with magickal abilities? Maybe.

It’s also possible I was given a name for it that no-one knows, but the spirit who gave me the name knows what they’re really called. If that’s the case, then nvm. I still have some ideas of how to deal with it and get rid of it.

Thanks all.

Mm Tulpa is more like … a servitor from my understanding. Imaginary friend is a word I see a lot in conjunction with it. Google tho… so many different… hmm uses.

This is incorrect. As @silverfirefly said, Tulpa is a Tibetan word for an actual physical being created by thought. A true tulpa is just as real as any other living human being. Though a lot of New Ager’s and even occultists seem to use the term interchangeably with servitor, they are wrong.


It sounds so familiar. Yet, I couldn’t tell you where I’ve heard about it.

A Tulpa is made with life force energy, thus it is a Real Living Being. Much like you fuck women and make babies and then raise them. A Servitor by comparison is limited in both Energy and Programming. Those things we tend to invest more time, life force and general interests tend to become more real vs a Servitor with a limited function. That is the difference.

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Many thanks. :slight_smile:

Don’t know about Vulpas, but Kitsune, fox spirits, can definitely shapeshift.

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