Vovin's Freeze Spell ~ from EvocationMagic.com


Just needed to say @Lady_Eva, this spell is perfect and all I can say is it works.



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I found a possible modification in the comments if anyone is interested :slight_smile:

Awesome spell, nice one Vovin! You should try it but instead of just writing their name, write their name in the AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS formula. You can then write the specific way you want them to disappear in a circle around the square. Of course, if you want them to do anything else… then just write that around the square. Mad love Bro-M

Say the person’s name is John Smith, the easiest way is to just do:
You can get more complicated, but you have to follow your nose:

  1. Spell it across
  2. Spell it down the left side
  3. Spell it backwards down the bottom
  4. Spell it reversed up the end

@Lady_Eva Can you help me, my BF is blackmailing me saying he will share my special pictures to my family.
I did not have any string so I put my paper into plastic bowl I wrote my intentions and I also used Archangel Sandolphons sigils along with it. Do you think it is still appropriate? It is in the freezer.

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Curse him. Anyone that blackmails a woman with those kinds of things deserve to be cursed.


How ?

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A lot of curse spells on here you can search. But basically you can just imagine/and feeling hurting the MF and how satisfying that feels. Put your rage into it.

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Thank you. This is perfect. I didn’t want no bad intention or do anything so evil but this is just what I need

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I have done this spell and I must say it has helped me thru these days. My boss would constant try to get me in trouble to write ups to seeing jobs that were in my objective that wasn’t met. things are just spiraling down for her. I do need to follow up with a different spell cause for some reason she has gone so far with not getting the consequences she deserves(I am patient for what is coming just want to know if there is anything or do I just wait?). We have asked lucifer is anyone was doing magic against me(us) or anyone around did magic and that was a No! I also have asked king Paimon to handle this and it’s looking good.

Thank you @Lady_Eva for this.

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Sharing my experience. The first time I made a freezer jar was when my father was verbally abusing my mother years ago (he’d start at least one fight every year and they can last for months). His tantrums stopped after I made the jar, for an amazing two full years, that’s how I started believing in magic. Then my mother removed the jar. When my father began screaming again I checked and found it gone. Unfortunately subsequent jars on him hadn’t been as effective.

Second effective jar was with vinegar and lemon on a horrible classmate in college. I didn’t interact with her after that, but a few months later she started posting weird, slightly deranged crap on the college’s social media, and people told her to see a therapist. It could just be her nature, but the timing makes me believe it was the jar, especially since the posts stopped after the jar got removed again.

Third one that had tangible results, my father lashed out at me and I made another (with little expectation of working) to shut him up. Fortunately it shut him up the next morning, unfortunately it was nowhere like the first. He was still silently foul towards me (until he needed something), would mutter insults and snap when he had an excuse.

So far I found that rage when making the jar was necessary but not sufficient. I bought small opaque bottles of baking soda for the jars, the label helps avoid suspicion. No luck with sour jars or honey jars, so far only the freezer has yielded results. Insight appreciated as always.


Just used this, and imma bump it while I’m here.

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Question, if the ice melts does that break the spell or like is the spell done and they’re completely gone

Or does it not even matter if the ice melts the spell is done either way


Not at all in my opinion. It’s just an extra layer to what your doing.

^That’s your key, right there.

If you want to amp it up a little, what I did was add an Isa rune, and a Nauthiz rune on the outside of the scroll before tying it.


So far it works like a charm :slight_smile:
Now, Would it be still effective or alright if I put few scrolls on same bottle?

Some curses work better casting in front of the person, I this will further increase his fear and even some kind of harm