Vouching for and against Satan's Darts

How they’re described in the WoD- or was it Baneful Magick?- is that if left in they can cause some serious damage. Or kill somebody.

Here’s where the weirdness starts, however.

Just when I was starting out on this whole mage thing, I was talking with a friend of mine who was into the occult. Not a mage, just investigating this type of thing.

I kept jokingly throwing the darts at him, telling him about them, and then pulling them out.

Except for the time I didn’t. I left them in his right arm.

A month or so later, to my surprise, he moved to another state and then proceeded to go into prison. After he got out, we talked for a while until he told me he kept hearing some things, and was apparently acting strangely.

One day, he just drops off the grid. Completely gone. Nobody knows where he is. He’s just up and disappeared.

Oh, and guess what got him into prison? He landed a right hook, his brother told me, on someone at a party who hit the pavement and died.

So… I don’t know if he’s dead. And the darts are too far in to take out.

They’re powerful tools, know that. But they’re tools, don’t mistake them for toys- like I did in my first week or two.

That’s all for now.


Even thoughts on someone can cause a mess sometimes… Best thing is self control and use people you really dont give a fuck about as guineas. Or those you really hate.

Yeah, mind control is quickly becoming a favorite tool of mine. Recently used it to make my life much easier, will continue to develop these skills and eventually master the world! Bwahahahaha!

+1 Sevarn… Massive and environmental mind control

My agenda is much larger than that for mind control, Diazin.

One day :wink: