Vortex Of Darkness And Shadow [A Manifestation Technique]


This is something you can do to greatly increase your competence in structuring your desires and Working with The Darkness. It is Part Soul Travel and Part Evocation.

The Vortex
In a Completely darkened room focus on a spot in the Darkness and using your breath, Will the shadows and darkness in the room to condense in that same spot.

You can repeat something simple such as,
Manifest or Take shape and form.

You will feel using your Intuition that it is condensing and indeed taking shape.

Imagine a Vortex or Tornado coming out of that spot that is grey and Black. This is the Vortex of Darkness.

Push power from your Zeal chakra into the vortex and solidify it until you sense that is standing on its own.

The Manifesting
Focus in your desires and see them as a Lightning bolt in shooting from your Ajna into the Vortex. Watch the chain reaction the lightning has inside the vortex and you will find yourself pulled into it out your body, and into this…“space”.

The Chamber
This space is a room full of Anti Matter or Darkness. You will see little bubbles floating around that are cable of Manifesting your desires.

Begin to breathe and pus your desires into this space of Dark Matter. Notice that the spiritual pressure of the place is heavy…very heavy. This will take a sustained effort of Will due to the Mass and Amount of Darkness present.

Command your desires to take shape and the Darkness to condense and manifest them.

You will feel ripples flow out from you into the Darkness, come back to you, and drag you back into your body.

Side Effects
You will feel Darkness so cold it’s hot. And it will be deep in your body. I can’t really describe it lol.

I originally intended to travel through the vortex as a gateway to the destination of my desires Manifesting, but it took me somewhere else it seems :smiling_imp::joy:

This is what came out of it