Voodoo doll vs black magic spell vs demon of goetia vs necromancy vs enochian keys vs Solomon talisman

Hey everyone why some people use different approach for same purpose ,they know every possible way to destroy some1 but sometimes they make a voodoo doll,sometimes they use some curse spell ,sometimes they use demon sometimes they use necromancy,if you know everything and every method works for you then why to change method again n again, why they dun use easiest method what works for you,why enochian keys are considered dangerous but demons of goetia not, what protection should we use before using enochian keys,any help will be appreciated ,I wanna destroy my branch manager ,I have used raum in the past he has done wonders but I wanna use enochian keys or Solomon talisman this time kindly give me some insight thnx

Because different situations call for different actions. I may know that it works best for me to evoke a djinn for quick results, but also know the particular situation is delicate, and that the djinn, while striking quick as lighting take the path of least resistance and are most likely to cause an upheaval. I may know that pushing my feelings onto someone is the best way to influence how they feel, but that they know I practice this, so a better way to effect them is through a poppet so it feels as if they are the ones coming up with it.

The examples are endless. Each situation has different aspects that need to be taken into consideration, so while I may summon armies of the dead to make a person go bat shit crazy, I may not want to do that if I want to simply end their life.

Not everyone mixes methods. Some of us do. Some of us do not.

Take it to the real world for a minute. I may know that it’s faster for me to get to the grocery store, by calling my gramma and asking for ride, but I know today she has to work third shift, so I walk instead.


You forgot the norse words of power; The Runes. :wink:


can u recommend some good books regarding norse words of power???

I used Rune Secrets to get a hang on the Runes.

thnx :grinning:

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