Voodoo control spells?


So I would like to know how I can mind control someone and make it with with a voodoo spell.


I would prefer a skull candle for mind control, put X name and/or photo under the candle, you can dress the candle yourself with herbs like fennel, licorice, bergamot etc. or premade rootwork oils. 3crowsconjure has the best quality oils imo. When you’re ready to light it speak your command into the skull. “X you are now under my control, there will be no resistance from you”. Or whatever feels natural to you.

If you wanna make a doll, you can easily make one from play doh or clay, put the photo of x in there, and the herbs/oil too. Then speak your command while wrapping the doll in twine.


Yo regular strong for twice and a small black candle it’s fine, right? Do I have to burn it all the way down? And I don’t need to burn the candle will I’m the doll right? Is it also possible to make up my own spell

Met Kalfus Black pen trick.

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That’s real work .How long does manifest just to know ?

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It really depends. It can be 2 days or 2 weeks but if you haven’t seen any movement within one lunar cycle I would revisit the working.


Sounds like psychic persuasion with extra steps.

How do you do psychic persuasion?

http://index-of.co.uk/Tutorials-2/NLP%20-%20Psychic%20Seduction.pdf … free online article.

on the above given free article about psychic seduction

could someone shade some light on this part :

Mental Arousal
When you are using your mind to seduce others, remember that your clarity must be laser-sharp.
What you see in your mind and the way you do it must be as clear as you can get it. You need
your mind to develop a rapport with the person but once this rapport is made, your main thrust
should be on the clearest manipulation of your thoughts.

: rapport ? does it mean talk to the target ?