Void of Course Moon

Do you avoid performing magick, especially important rituals, during the void of course Moon? It’s better to cast actual spells meant to create change, take on new projects, sign contracts etc. when the Moon is not void as the void energy is believed to cause failure. I’m just curious to know if some mages ignore the void and still obtain success.

Meditation, prayer and banishing can still be done during the void, so can regular activities you partake in on a daily basis. It’s actual spellcasting and important new endeavors you’d avoid during the void. Some won’t even send an email or mail something important during the void. Some won’t make any purchase of value during that time.

“William Lilly, a most reputed medieval astrologer, said that when the Moon is void of course in Taurus, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Cancer, it “performs somehow”, that is when the Moon currently occupies a sign where a benefic planet (Venus or Jupiter) is exalted or ruler, it can lead to a favorable outcome in selected cases.”
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Because Lwas really dont care

No, I do them when I feel it’s right to do so, could be any day or any time - I sometimes like a planetary hour for something, because it’s nice to have the energies as an additional “ingredient,” but other times not. Too much conditionality on a ritual creates more fears about “doing it wrong” and then you’re in a world of trouble.

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Have to do Satsujin-Jutsu mind control for that have to be or know a Reiki Grand Dragon or a Ninja to help you :slight_smile:

This is solid info from the OP, and so I’m bumping this back up into the active forum orbit.

This can often be an area to look into and investigate when things just don’t add up. Esp for folks whose spiritual alliances are still being fortified.

That being said,as Jason Miller states: “everything matters, but not everything is necessary.”

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I have been made aware of this recently and found an app to track it! :woman_shrugging: maybe this increase my chances of successful magick!
Would be interesting to intentionally cast something during the void time and evaluate the result! Though for now I’ll avoid it!

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