Void Meditation Experience

I don’t completely work with anyone yet, but the kingly entity, I met after the void meditation, now seems to hang around me like he really wants to work with me. I don’t know how he’s like, though

Okay after this meditation, I now think I’m getting closer to answers to identify a couple entities: the entity who appears as a king, and the shadow entity.

A lady appeared, if I’m not mistaken, during the meditation. I can’t remember much she said, but I remember her telling me basically that the kingly entity is powerful and very much so wants to help me. She suggested that I do work with him. I couldn’t pick up everything, but I saw the words “King D.” I couldn’t see the entire name. She gave me an amount of legions he has but I honestly couldn’t pick up correctly. :sweat_smile:

She then looked at to where there were markings. (The ones smudged up by “King D.”) She was like “Who did this? Tell me who did this?” Then I’m assuming she found out all the bad things the shadow entity caused me. She got angry and was saying things like he was the reason I couldn’t progress my psychic abilities. She then started to get angry. I don’t know why, but she said things about him like “Scum!”

Now I’m pretty sure I have another entity who’ll help. But I don’t know who she is. I remember seeing her in like a long sleeved dress? Long and black nails too.


It’s strange, I think King D. might be the same God “D.” that E.A. evoked in “Evoking Eternity”.

He seems to have the same gregarious vibe.
Do you know his name? Can you ask him the next time you meet him? This is out of curiosity of course.

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I was told that the entity’s name is something like King Devohn. Something of the sorts. I don’t know if I’m mistaken, however :sweat_smile:

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That’s awesome. Hopefully I can get results like that eventually. I’m still in the practice phase of the Void Meditations where I’m just pulling nature sounds and random visual impressions like rippling red silk billowing in dark water and reptile scales.

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