Void meditation experience advice welcome

I just got done with this meditation. As I was floating in the void it got cold then it started to feel like water. Then I was deep under the black black water. Drifting further into the abyss. Suddenly there was a candle there. My mind started to try to make sense of it but I told myself to just go with it. I could feel the heat radiating off of it into the cold water. It flickered in a slow fluid way. I was curious. Could I blow it out. In my next breath I directed it to the flame. A bubble engulfed it, it flickered and went out. I suddenly felt myself being pulled up quickly like being sucked through a vacuum till I was up and out of the water and floating on my back in the night sky. I watched and waited seeing nothing until I suddenly noticed I was not just merely floating on my back but laying on a leaf that was drifting in the wind. As soon as I realized that the leaf started to decay. I started falling and caught myself on, of all things, the torch of the statue of liberty. I am terrified of heights but my apprehension wasn’t of falling when letting go. I had already been sucked down, pulled up, and dropped. I just didn’t know what to expect next. At that point I decided to just have faith in the experience and let go. I didn’t fall. I was just suddenly in a dark room. The most significant thing that happened next is mostly personal so I am only going to share enough to see if anyone can tell me who I was talking to. It was male. His focus was purely on power. He talked of the things we could accomplish together. For the most part I couldn’t see him, except for brief glimpses. This is where I really get confused. What I seen and what I felt didn’t mesh. What I seen was serpent in nature. He kissed me. He annointed me with blood at my forehead, my chest, my navel, and my vaginal area. He told me I wasn’t ready to completely see him. He told me that I had a while to go before I fully accepted my full nature. Then I saw a chicken egg but a snake was hatching from it. There is much more that either I can’t remember and even more that I don’t want to share. Any insights from anyone would be appreciated. Apparently there is something that I need to learn about myself that is holding me back.


I don’t know who exactly was that entity, but sounds legit. Great job!