Vodoun Curses and Ogun

So I have a friend that believes they have been cursed (99% sure) by a practitioner using Ogun. What is the best way to handle this? Ritual bath? Protection or Reversal spell? Baneful spellwork? Or should they invoke an entity for help? If so, who would this entity be? Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Oghun is not a Loa but an Orixà, and is essentially an orixa of war, its color is blue and lives in the forests, its offerings are usually chickens, we must start with a purification that can be a bath made with herbs or better if with sea water, he could also try to turn the deity in his favor by making offerings to Oghun but also to Jemanya that being the mother of all Orixas could intercede to make his son calmed, also Obatalà who is the ancient warrior white could mean for him …
Oshun usually according to the legends is the only one if Oghun is really furious to be able to sweeten it with his honey

In Haitian Vodou Ogun is known as Ogou, and consists of an array of manifestations; most carry the aspect of iron smithing and tools from the Yoruba tradition. The Ogou guard the badji , the sacred altar of the Vodou temple. He carries an iron saber and wears a red sash. Ogou is also the god of pioneering, intelligence, justice, medicine, and political power; these are associated with the symbol of the tool that can "advance humans’ mastery over the environment.[13] Ogou Feray is the god of war. Other manifestations of Ogou are Ogou Badagri, Ogou Balenjo, Ogou Batala, and Ogou Je Wouj. Ezili Freda Daome is the female counterpart to Ogou.[13][14]

Ogou Feray is syncretized with St. James the Greater ( St. Jacques Majeur ) in the Vodou tradition. He is a warrior spirit and protects the Vodou community; he guides Vodou followers against their enemies. He is symbolically covered in iron and may not be harmed by his enemies. As in Africa, his symbol is a piece of iron, a machete, or a knife. As in Africa, Ogou is revered among blacksmiths, many of whom are of Yoruba origin. He is also noted to like women and alcohol.[13][14]

In Vodou ceremonies followers of Ogou wear a red shirt, pants, and scarf. A followers of Ogou in a possession-trance is offered Haitian white rum during the ceremony. In some ceremonies rum is burned in a container to allow Ogou to “wash” the hands of the followers.[14]

Two Vodou songs to Ogou, as recorded and translated by Michel S. Laguerre:[14]

Fè Ogou Fè, Ogou Fèray o,
Fè Ogou Fè, Ogou Fèray
I am an iron,
I am covered with iron.
Fèrè Fèray tout ko Fèray sé kouto,
Fèrè Fèray tout ko Fèray sé manchèt.
The body of Ogou Fèray is covered with knives,
The body of Fèray is covered with machetes.


Hiya OP! Ogun’s more of a politics guy than a grunt or brute, so talking to him might work?

If that doesn’t, try asking the Angels Michael and Samael for ideas. They can deflate these spells like a balloon! :slight_smile:

Give your buddy a protection pattern to lay around the person and place. Switch them up, the clocks, and hygiene habits! You can confuse a lot of spirits that way, and from there, all it takes is a few solid chews to get through if. :slight_smile:


Thanks for clearing up the Loa vs. Orixa. The person who we believe sent the curse is from Ghana so I’m assuming the form is more in line with that tradition. You definitely mentioned some solutions that were on my mind!

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll definitely look into Samael. I’ve never worked with him but I do regularly work with Lilith.

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what do u mean by ‘’ Oghun is not a Loa but an Orixà,’’ how r they different? And Are Ogou and Ogoy Feray different?

When dealing with curses you first want to use a banishing ritual to help clear the energy coming towards your direction or the direction of the person experiencing the curses. You can use any banishing ritual you want but I have two banishing rituals I use which are the lesser banishing of the pentagram and the sword banishing ritual. Both of these banishing rituals invoke angelic forces to clear negative energy coming towards your direction. The sword banishing ritual can be learn from Damond Brand magickal protection book but the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram is free to learn and you can access it online thru google or better yet free on this forum.

Second base on your experience and practice I would suggest you call on your protector spirits to guard you from the curse but the 4 Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel can easily destroy and get rid of curses and hexes so calling them thru prayer or ritual so be your second step.

Third a cleansing bath should be next. Any cleansing bath with herbs and minerals should be able to help you rid of any curse energy remaining.

Last step is setup protection spells. I recommend the protective planetary pentacles of Solomon. A little research on this forum or Google should help you with this. This is talisman magic and very powerful.

If the folks continue to attack follow all the steps again but setup a mirror spell To throw back anything they send your way or your friends way. Hope this helps.


Ogun is an Orisha. Ogu is a loa.
Ogun is the father of technology and the owner of all the metals inside the earth. Ogun as an Orisha can not do evil, however he is extremely protective of his children. Ogun is the deliverer of justice with his machete. Some Orisha traditions state his color is black and green, some state, blue, some state purple. Ogun is a revolutionary force as well as a teacher of temperance. I am a Priest of the Lukumi tradition made in Oguns honor he is my father and my patron.
If your friend is really worried about Ogun tell him not to fear, Baba is justice, if he really feels his life is in spiritual turmoil he may want to seek a trustworthy priest who can officiate a reading for him and possibly see if there is an ebbo that can be done. Most likely the fear placed was the trap to insight the spiritual turmoil and your friend just may need a cleaning and a fresh perspective.


I just also wanted to follow this up with the fact that no one “uses” Ogun. His children are his servants and representatives of him on Earth.

If he can convince Ogun to stop that’ll do it then some sea salt mixed with water👍

Just have him pour some of that water-salt on himself and different locations of the house👍

I would love a reading. I’m looking for a priest to direct me.

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I would only be able to do a reading if the person was present with me. What is your location? if you wouldnt mind me asking, if you would like you can pm me.

I’m in Florida. I’m very curious now. Before. Knew about any of this stuff. My e. Who practices voodoo since childhood spilled what he told me was liquor in His bag. I used towels and stepped on them to clean it up. He took the towels with him the next day. What spells require someone stepping on them with bare feet?

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Well the religion is high in number in Florida, I would recommend find a house and attend a few drummings, when you are comfortable with someone to officiate a reading inquire what the derecho (cost) will be. Lukumi typically has an open door policy to outsiders attending certain celebrations such as Ocha, birthdays, and feast days. Each house does operate differently though the core is typically the same.
I live too far away to be able to give you a reading unfortunately, but if you feel a call for it then see where it takes you. The best advice I could give is keep your eyes and ears open, listen to what your elders are saying, and remember it takes baby steps.
As far as the ritual that your ex did unfortunately theres not much I can remark on.
I wish you blessings on your path.

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if you work there you will notice that they are different, that they have different characters, the fact that at the level of anthropological studies are correlated does not mean that they are the same god, they belong to the same energy ie war, but they have a different character

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Banefule magic love might work two

What’s the difference between a loa and Orisha?

Loas are a pantheon within the Haitian tradition, who sometimes share similar aspects of the Orishas, who are of the Yoruba tradition.

I don’t know about that because I’m certain
That not just in the Haitian pantheons because there’s African region like the dahomey
Togo Benin that serve the loas

Wouldn’t you say?

Some of the Loas share similar aspects or have origins in African religions. In fact there’s a whole class of Loa in Haitian vodou who are acknowledged as such.

However, Africans acknowledge their versions of the dieties as Orishas, not Loas; similar origins, different pantheons.