Vodoun Boxes

In brazil there is an occultism school that sold me their book course about vodu. The Tradition of the Black Serpent.
There is a way to have workings with the Loas that is some vodu boxes. You energize them daily on your vodu altar and put inside them objects or fetishes that symbolizes your desire and the spirits will help you.

They teach how to make boxes for lot of different spirits and Loas, each one with different ingredients, evocation, etc

I want to work with Baron de Cimetiere (relation with Samedi) using this method for getting astral servants or spirits of the dead for my objetives. (i saw something very similar at DePrince’s website - it was a sack)

Do you guys know about it? Is it valid?

Intro from the school(google translate):

“The system operated by the Tradition of Black Snake or “Le Couleuvre Noire” is a system of Voodoo somewhat different from the religious tradition practiced Vodou in Haiti because it saves inside the Ancestral Traditions initiation of Atlantean origin who came to certain areas of the west coast Africa, and that somehow secretly survived until the arrival of the white race. This system has been incorporated into the system OTOA studies. This system was brought to us by Mr. João Gabriel Huntz aka Frater Bapphomet that has developed an excellent job with the initiatory EIE Pathways of Tradition, the Masonic Order of Centuria Swiss Gold and SOTO. The Said Frater is a member of various Initiatory Orders in Europe and is also initiated into Haitian Voodoo Traditions Rada and Petro.”

(english isnt my main language)

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I believe Le Couleuvre Noire is one of Michael Bertiaux’s orders, related to the Ordo Templi Orientis Antiqua. Check out Voudon Gnostic Workbook by him for an idea of his work, that’s about as much as I know.

yep, that is valid.
But what about the boxes? Good idea or not?

Those boxes are great ideas but as with any Fetich make sure you take very good care of it and hopefully get instructed on it’s proper care.

I will try it anyway and will post the results. If it works good i will post here how to make them also.

The method seems to be interesting, but it needs a vodu altar and the said method to get astral slaves will need graveyard earth or fetiche from the dead.
I will setup the vodu altar using EA/DePrince method as in their book and get the graveyard thing. Then i will be able to perform the ritual and see what happens.