Vodoun Altar

So I have recently bought The Spider and The Green Butterfly (and am absolutely loving it) and I have a question about the altar, specifically the location of it. I currently live in a single room and share the rest of the house, so I do not have a space in the house to errect an altar. I am however able errect a secret altar in a secluded area. Would this effect my magick and connecting with the Lwa or is this acceptable?

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Acceptable but you can also place one in your own living space without any issues.

This is a common problem for lots of people. IMHO, the Entities, Spirits, Gods, & Deities know your situation and heart. I believe you can practice anywhere with anything, if its the best you can offer.

I have had Altars made of cardboard boxes covered with pillowcases and dollar store candles. As I got older or more financially able, I’ve set up elaborate Altars. Some have remained simple. More is NOT always better! I can honestly say my workings have been just as successful either way.

I would make the effort to keep the area clean, dedicated to your workings if possible. Don’t use your Altar as an area to dump your dirty laundry etc. (yes Ive seen this) I try to show a certain respect and reverence to my areas whether a shoe box, or ornate setup. I think its all in your intent. In my practices Ive noticed that as I progress along a path, items come to me in odd ways. Things Ive found in nature are some of my most treasured items, so keep your eyes open when out and about.