Vodou Spirits vs Goetia vs Angels

Hello guys why is that from my research vodoun spirits are more material than goetic spirits and angels and enochian spirits seem to be more material aswell and people have these experiences is it that as different races of being some are from another dimention and the vodoun are here on earth as are the dead is is that Goetics and Angels are on another dimention close to ours and can manipulate energy and outofbody.

To this day I have not made solid contact I am gliding just over the surface like touching a feather and a brick I am still at the feather faze I can say.
I am mostly afraid of vodoun because of the binding like a marriage for life is that so or is it my false paradigm.

All of them are born of thesame currents. Love currents, Prosperity Currents, etc etc. Some of them are deified entities like Shango, Mother Theresa, etc. others are nature spirits. The real problem is that the classifications are not very defined either. I feel like there were so many different channels and levels to spirits and these levels are broken down into sections and hierarchies. But now adays, they’re all just grouped up in one or few groups, which causes a lot of confusion.

What do men that the classifications are clearly defined?

my question is which are the most material and tangible ones like goetics you make portals to see and comunicate with them vodou if you call they will come now I havent practised vodou so I do not know