VK jehannum

For the past week I’ve been reading through VK jehannum’s website and looking at all of the info on demons. It’s amazing and super comprehensive. I have also done some research on here seeing that everyone loves it and has had amazing results with it. I see the magical chants for all of the demons, gods and goddesses and on curious- how are they to be used? I’ve yet to see anyone explain how they have personally used them and nor have a seen anything on his site on how to utilize them. There is a right way to do things and I wanna do this the right way. Blessings to anyone and everyone that offers some insight and advice.


You just chant them?

V.k. is pretty clear on it just needing to be chanted for the most part.

Where anything else is required he gives instruction.

Otherwise it’s kind of just “plug and play” as it were.

Just stick them in the middle of whatever else you’re doing. Follow your intuition and use your imagination.

Tbh, that’s one of the things I dislike about his stuff.

A lot of it is cobbled together chants and whatnot, some of which he’s lifted from various sources.

That’s just me though.


No need to gaze at the sigils when chanting? Seems a bit to easy to be true🥴

If sigils are provided, then use them.

I never really connected with his sigils myself, so I don’t use them.

Appearances can be deceiving.

If you put the effort in, you should get something out of it.

Sometimes our only obstacle is how big we’re trying to make something.

Don’t lose the forest for the trees.


I’ve used a couple of his chants in the past and did see some increased effect after. I did as crooked said and just made them part of my meditations and performed them when I was in/close to trance. Mind you, nothing super crazy occurred nor did I become an adept extraordinaire, but I did notice some subtle improvements. I also agree, try what you wish and see how they resonate with you, then keep what works.

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He lays out a collection of his rituals and my impression is he leaves it up to the practitioner as to how any one individual can manage it. The TOBL had a website about 12 years ago, that was the format that got my attention and what I became most familiar with

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Follow your intuition, there’s no wrong or correct way in magick. If you feel that you need to gaze at a sigil, or chant a spcific enn for certain amount of times
Then Do It