Vivid dream of Tiamat + Reflections

I finished my initiation ritual workings yesterday and I felt pretty good about knowing deeper what it means to be on the Draconian path and what it offfers to me. I fully embrace the growth, pleasure, pain, darkness and knowledge this path offers. But, as I said before, I know this is a innocent baby step compared to what needs to happen next.

I woke up from a very vivid dream. It was all black-and-white but blended, like an airbrush art using only two contrasting colors to create a medium scale. I saw a very detailed dragon’s head and she had her third eye open. I saw flashing images of her head upon other angles and white flames coming from her literal third eye and water so concentrated with salt it had salt crystals in its vortex.

I knew who it was because I heard the line in my head, spoken by a feminine and silky but powerful voice;

“I am the Dragon. I am Tiamat.”

The Grimore of Tiamat was the first genuine occult ritual book I read cover to cover and at the time I thought it was very dark. Not exactly forbidden, but dark. Now it seems like a pure power-house of information. Tiamat has dark energy, but it has a dual quality to it; alien and welcoming all at once. The book is just a book (albeit an amazing tome); it is the Diety that holds power.

I remember the day I first picked up the grimore. It was cold, much like tonight in my region. I held it admiring the art on the cover. I flipped through it. I admired more art and got a glimpse of the sigils. Then I started to read the introduction. I got shivers down my spine, vaguely understanding it. Then I read the rituals. That line, that amazing line; “I am the Dragon. I am Tiamat”… that was the line that made me internally scream “I WANT THIS POWER.”

I’ve come a long way since that February day. But I have a longer way to go. I’m grateful for that and I cherish the fact that I can gain knowledge and power to better myself and my circumstances.

Thank you, Tiamat. I am coming. Life calls urgently but you are always with my Flesh. I will come to your Womb when I can. First I must maintain some things before I grow.


Blessed is the first and forever. HAIL TIAMAT!!!

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HAIL the DRAGON! :slight_smile: