Visualization Practice with Ebooks

So it occurred to me, that reading fantasy books is most people’s first/most intense experience in relaxing and having visualization of settings and characters in the mind while still active and aware.

So my idea here, let’s use this thread to recommend/link ebooks for meditation :grin:
I’m going to find one and give it a go tonight. I’ll share the link


I’m not a fan of audiobooks or ebooks, I prefer the real deal aka an actul book, but on fantasy topic I’d suggest all books from Mark Lawrence and especially the “Broken Empire” trilogy (Prince of Thorns, King of Thorns, Emperor of Thorns) and the “Book of the Ancestor” series (Red Sister, Grey Sister, Holy Sister). Probably you’d be able to find and buy an ebook or even maybe an audiobook…

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Visualizing toroidal structuration is the best thing that ever happened to me. It’s thee only self sustainable shape. It coheres all thought and emotion. When I started, thanks to Dan Winters lectures on YouTube, my vision was propelled to a great degree of vivid clarity. It’s really the core to all manifestation. Visualize the torus.

This is a great idea! :+1:

I believe Librivox have a fairly robost process for checking works are in the public domain, so I respectfully offer their link as they are probably better than YouTube, I have quite a few of their works downloaded: