Visualization of Rituals and Offerings

i feel like i’ve gotten a slight good ability at visualization and i’ve been able to feel energy pretty decently but i’m curious about the methods of performing full rituals and offerings through visualization. my living situation makes it extremely hard for me to use any tools at all so all i really have is the use of my psychic senses. have any other individuals had success with visualizing full complex rituals of any kind and making offerings through visualization? would the entities accept and understand my lack of physical offerings? any feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:

Yes. Use your skill at visualization to build yourself an astral temple and perform all of your rituals there.

Yes. I performed Jason Miller’s feast of offering, where you make a physical offering of incense and use visualization to expand the amount to infinity so every spirit can partake.

Of course. Offerings are not essential or mandatory. They are gifts to be given, and in the astral a visualized offering functions the same as a physical one.


thank you so much! i felt that this was possible but thank you for reassuring me!

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