Visualization manifesting - but wait, you're not supposed to!

I just have a quick thing… so.
I have read that it’s best to visualize what you want, even after you wished/summoned/did a ritual for it.

I have read that with visualizing and daydreaming it strengthens what you want and hwo fast it comes to you - but I have also read that once you “wish” for it, then you should just forget and don’t dwell on it or else it reverses the magick, and/or makes it slow down/stop all together.

What has worked for you guys?
Does it just depend on the type of magick you’re doing?


Its the difference between giving a cart a push and stopping the cart every 5 seconds to check on its wheels, contents, handles, and doing it so much that you crush the accidentally crushed the eggs you kept inside of it.

The difference is in lust and your ability to refrain from alteration.


Check out lusting for results - I have that issue.


It’s okay to think about your goal, but you shouldn’t worry about or doubt it. Fretting will make the magic less likely to work.


Well idk if you’ve ever painted with water color before, but to paint the picture you have to wet the paper (obviously). The problem that a lot of beginners run into often times though, is they put too much water on the paper and the picture is now peeling off in flakes and the paper is warped and crinkled.
I think manifestation works a lot like that. If you put too much into it, it’s not going to ever come out the way you want.
Constantly thinking of what you want to manifest, is a lot like adding too much water onto your picture and painting over all the lines far more than what’s necessary. It falls apart.
So it truly is best to paint the picture in your mind, do whatever ritual you need to do, or whatever sigil you need to create. And consider it done. No flooding, no mess.


Visualization in magick is not wishing for the result and hoping that it would manifest. Visualization in magick IS manifestation. That’s the main difference between Visualization and daydreaming. The action in both is similar or maybe identical, but the intention behind doing it is completely different.


I find that the visualisation and the daydreaming of the outcome works. But only if I do it with a sense of freedom and an open mind. Its hard to describe but when I am in that trance state I feel like the universe is opening up to me. A feeling of freedom like my dream is a baby bird taking wings and flying away to roost and grow. And as it leaves there is a push of will and energy.

Like giving birth to a child you cant put it back in the womb. And there is no use to hover over the baby while it sleeps.


@LunaR There are dozens If not hundreds of techniques and mindsets for the visualization.

@HermesHorse gave a very good insight in terms of the intention part.

The funny thing is sometimes the vivualization maybe short but very efficient when done with sensations…I prefer saying sensation instead of emotions because this saying became cheasy beeing used in every Loa book…you can call it sensation or even desire or even fire element…

After the intention what I noticed is the presence of detachment but not the detachment that everybody talks about…the detachment is detaching from all your human conditioning, your judging yourself or social conditioning.

After the let go…forgeting totaly the outcome being involved by something else realy helps…

BUT also when the outcome in question is realy important even doubt helps…ofcourse not an emotional doubt but a doubt which is mentaly percieved…here as the outcome is important and as we can not easily forget it doubt helps to detach or let go…

Also getting in touch with your trueself helps…

And finaly If you do some energy work before rhe visualization or spell or whatever or If you do any activity which makes you increase your energy it realy realy helps…


This is why so many people fail. Without learning to still and control their mind, they go straight to spellwork. You need to direct your Will to focus on already having it rather than the lack. If your thoughts wander to the latter, bring it back. Keep it up and soon enough your thought patterns will be that of your intention.

Forming mental pictures isn’t enough. Look up the Law of Gender/Sex. All of creation has a masculine and feminine aspect (Also Law of Polarity).For procreation to take place, the male sperm has to impregnate the female egg. It is the same for manifestation. You have to impregnate your mental images with emotion. However, the problem is you can’t just channel your emotions as and when you want. This is why it is important to train your visualization until it is very vivid. What this does is it tricks your mind into thinking that what you are experiencing is real and produces an emotional trigger. This is what the rituals the robes and all that stuff are for. It is to make it dramatic enough to impress the subconscious mind. The “set your intention and forget it” is a method for the untrained mind.