Visualization and manifesting help:

How could I switch my visualization to the first person perspective? I’ve heard a lot of bad things about visualizing from the third person.

And how can I lose the fear of manifesting my goals for other people particularly my cousins. I’ve considered Vampirism to drain their energy and make myself more powerful but I was warned against doing this by my Deities. Also this intrusive thought is very irritating as it pops up whenever I’m manifesting.

Practice makes perfect

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What could I do about the fears? Would an energy cord cutting help.

This might sound weird. But imagine yourself as acting a role in a tv series you like. Invent a character you would play.
Imagine/remember a scene you saw on that show and what happened there - but do it as if you and the character you play were in that scene and part of it! Try to put emotions into it, try to see the things the character would see, literally talk to the other people and create the scene the way you would like it to happen.
This can give you some practice in imagining scenes from first person perspective. It might be helpful because you can imagine yourself into a situation you already saw or can look at again. With practice, you sure will be able to do that with other things you want to visualize as well.

I don’t get the second part to be honest. What are you afraid about?


Play a first-person shooter video game. Then repeat the game, only do it in your imagination. Voila! You are now visualising in the first person.

Try afformations, which are affirmative questions you ask yourself, such as “Why am I so confident when it comes to manifesting my goals?” or “Why am I fearless in pursuit of what I want?”


I’ve been working on acting lately so this is a good idea. I guess its kinda like astral traveling to my favorite TV shows XD.

Okay I’m afraid of sending my manifestations out to others. Particularly family.

I usually play third person so I wonder if that’s what caused the problem but I’m gonna try what you recommended.

Will try this!

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Thank you all for your answers!!

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