Visual Arts as a Magickal Practice

As a disclaimer: I am not referring to hand making your own ritual tools, or sigils(as I often see when researching this topic).

As someone who is an illustrator, is it possible to cast spells and perform magickal workings via artwork? For example, if I wanted to do a working for money, could I perform such a spell by painting something on a canvas to achieve that effect?

Essentially, I am searching for a complete-ish occult practice via my art. Just wondering if this is possible?

Thanks in advance!


Yes. That is exactly what Austin Osman Spare, the original creator of the sigil method the Chaos paradigm made famous, did. He was an artist, and his paintings had a reputation for being haunted.

Check out Taylor Ellwood’s book The Magic of Art for information on how to use art for enchantment.


:+1: :+1: Such an amazing idea :blush:

Magick is not just a science. It’s also considered an art.

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Yes and honestly as a fellow artist my art is also part of my craft. You can draw or even do illustrations of energy and even use this as a tool for different things from spells, to healing and much more. Art is connected to the soul directly (or as I like to believe so). So when you get into that zone you connect to your soul and other spirits even. This can also lead to a way to connect to and communicate with them and your higher self (god self) and often times you’ll discover something that you didn’t know about yourself or that spirit that you channeled into that paper. Because in a sense it is a form of channeling just with color and pictures rather then words or written language.

An example that I drew while listening to music. I just let my mind go and let my soul just speak.


This is brilliant
I’m basically limiting writing work in my black book and drawing intention and spells into photos

I mean :thinking: I’m sure sigils count to but I’m mainly focusing on incantation or great rite like artwork


Some time ago, I taught someone a very basic method to use this. I told them, draw an image representing what you desire, and while you draw it, feel as if you have what you are trying to obtain, that this was a magickal act and you already obtained what you desired from this act of magick. They had good success with this.


Steve Jobs before Bill Gates realized an important truth:

The mind thinks in terms of images. This has led to the User Interface (UI) of the operating systems we use.

Symbols are images. And magick is based on the use of symbolism.