Visited by an alien?

So upon going to bed one night while I was trying to fall asleep I heard this really strange voice. The voice was flat and deep sounding. It was speaking in a language I have never heard before. I was puzzled by all this so I thought visualizing my surroundings would help. Upon doing so I saw what people call a grey alien (Mental visualization mind you.). I was not expecting a guest at that moment so I felt threatened and acted defensively.
I have not experienced anything like this since then.

I know spirits is the main topic on these forums and have never seen anything about aliens (Even though there was nothing physical about this experience so I guess you could say that it was a spirit?).

I also have a feeling I attracted it (Almost certain I did.), and I’m not sure I reacted in a proper way. Should I have been polite and welcoming? Or was I right to act defensively? I know it sounds a little nuts (and Little may be an understatement.), but anyone experience anything similar?

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Interesting post. Whilst I cannot specifically answer your question, I could point towards the ‘ultra-terrestrials’ spoken of by author John Keel (who wrote The Mothman Prophecies). Perhaps the term ‘alien’ is incorrect, but in itself is an incorrect label that does not cover the true nature of your experience?

I have experienced strange voices speaking in a language which sounds alien at the edge of sleep. It seemed to be speaking directly to me, which was the freaky part. Sure in the hell wish I knew what the message was…

Hmm, maybe you guys could use some kind of a divination to reveal these mysteries?


Thanks Ill check him out. The reason why I say alien and not spirit is because when I visualized my surroundings I literally saw an alien (Short, big eyes, ect, pretty cliche.). Then again what I saw was in my head so maybe it was just my perception of the being?

Well it kind of is an incorrect label (As its not like a physical alien walked into my room.) but I have no idea what other label to use. I’m positive it wasn’t anything else.

That is why I acted defensively. I had no Idea what he was doing or what its intentions where.

Labels are perhaps one of the biggest self-imposed limitations mankind has imposed on itself. Sometimes when describing things outside the realm that is adequately framed by these labels, we have no choice but to stretch their use.

I think your use fits fine! It describes the experience, the impressions, from your perspective. That is very important. Are some of these ‘ultra terrestrials’ alien in nature? Alien in origin? Do alien beings exist in manners outside the normal human experience? All questions which blur the lines between labels, but interesting nonetheless.

Wow, I never liked labels but not the degree in which you just described them. Opened my eyes to a lot of things.

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The greys always come to people in a hynogogic state. Were you feeling as though you were paralyzed/couldn’t move part or all of your body? If so, this would be consistent with an alien visitation. Also, you mentioned that you feel you attracted it. I know you felt it kind of showed up unannounced and surprised you, as it would, because hey, who expects to have an alien visit. The thing is, they don’t show up unannounced and you did attract it. You were probably thinking a lot about aliens and wanting to communicate with them. In fact, most people have signs that they are about to have a visitation before it happens, such as a U.F.O. sighting.

Interesting you say this because I have experienced the paralysed feeling. Though I don’t think it would be related to a visit because I was having a lucid dream then wondered what sleep paralysis would feel like, I then experienced sleep paralysis.

But during this experience, No I was not paralysed. But yes I was thinking a lot of aliens at the time. And how cool it would be to meet one. I would also wonder how I would react if I was approached by one, I guess I got an answer to that question.

I also have seen alot of ufos. Though I think most of them are government drones. There is only one UFO that I seen that I do not believe was a drone. This particular sighting could not correspond with this experience as it was a year previous to it (or something like that, a long time anyway.).

Interesting not to get off topic but since the “mothman” stories have been mentioned has anyone ever (beside me) that Pazuzu and the mothman may have things in common? this came to me awhile ago in meditation sorry to hijack the original topic.

One of the entities I work with is a mothman entity, he’s actually the one who got me in touch with chazz who I’m doing some business with.

But yeah I’ve done stuff with alien entities, mothman, greys and a bunch of other crazy stuff.

[quote=“Skinny_Man, post:5, topic:3923”]@RedbeardIX

Thanks Ill check him out. The reason why I say alien and not spirit is because when I visualized my surroundings I literally saw an alien (Short, big eyes, ect, pretty cliche.).[/quote]
It’s interesting that Crowley was summoning Lam just up the road from the famous Hill alien abduction. Compare the Hill’s alien and Lam, they’re very similar.

I agree with the Mothman description. The first time I projected I was met by one of these beings, the resemblance looked a lot like LAM… smaller head.

Don’t know if anyone covered this in the replies but I’m not going to read them all just to make sure. Explain to me how an alien is any different from an entity worshiped in the occult and religion. Just something to think about. Being who I am, I would not brand any living energy or organism alien.


Yes it was covered by R3dbeardIX and I above :stuck_out_tongue: