Visitations by Abaddon

So Abaddon was trying to work with me for about a month now, but I didn’t reach out to him because I was working with Azazel and I didn’t want to mix them up. But my working with Azazel is coming to an end (I might have actually ended it by mistake a little too early but that’s another story) and Abaddon started coming up in my mind a lot more with the climax occuring early this morning. I woke up at about 5 o’clock and fell again to sleep at about 6. I started watching a dream that at the beginning seemed irrelevant. I was walking around the house and at one point something happened (can’t recall what exactly) and I started losing consciousness. I gradually fell in the ground and everything started to fae in black. Everything turned pitch black and out of instinct I shouted:
“Abaddon, Abaddon where are you”
Then a face started taking form in the abyss. I couldn’t see it very clearly but I saw a male face with feminine features and he had red eyes. You could say that he looked like Apollo. I woke up violently and breathless. I think it’s pretty clear that he wants to work with me. But with what purpose? My work with Azazel was/is quite succesful and although the goal is not yet achieved, now it seems really easy to grasp and seems only a matter of time to achieve it (it was a love matter). Has anyone else worked with Abaddon/Apollo? What should I expect?


That sounds more worrying than like real deity contact, try to calm down.

treat apollo and abandonn as singular beings dont mix them, they are not same conciousness, they cant be.

oh it didn’t feel frightening. It was super intense and got me upset at first but I didn’t feel endangered at all. Also are you sure that Apollo and Abaddon are not the same entity. Most sources I have found say that are one and the same

I hear his name in my thoughts a lot. Hail Abaddon.

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sure enough to give you the pro tip…

and doesnt those sources say its apollyon ? not apollo ?

It says both

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So you are saying to me that apollo has skitzofrenia `? multiple personality disorder ?

I am telling you that I saw a face that resembled Apollo in my vision. Didn’t say that it was Apollo. I am pretty sure that it was Abaddon tho and Abaddon is the one I am gonna channel. I haven’t had any previous experience with none of the two. All my gnosis about him come from blogs and the forum and all tend to agree that they are either connected or the same entity. Do you have any actual info for Abaddon or not? :slight_smile:

It is just this current that reguires that you treat beings singular, even if they would be same being their vibration is different and you should treat them as singular entities, this is to harvest off tricksters, who acts as these godforms/deities, since no one seems to give a fuck about singularity.

and then again, define actual information of abandonn :slight_smile: i could tell you i fucked her sister but it doesnt change the fact that you have more like medicinial condition than deities visiting you.

One thing I know about Abaddon is that Chronozon is the Enochian name for Abaddon.
I’ve seen Chronozon in a dream once. He was there to see if I was true to my religion and true to Lucifer.