Visit my Astral Realm and Meet My Godform

Hey everybody! So I’m close to finishing the soul travel course and there’s one thing in the past sections that I haven’t done. I haven’t brought outsiders to my astral realm! I’m really curious what you’ll see. If you need a sigil or a description I can provide that. If anyone participates in this, my Godform will give you a prize :slight_smile: Different prizes for different people. Just go there and ask him/me!


Aaah I am really tempted but I can’t soul travel and I do not have the funds for the course :cry::cry:

Sounds cool, can you send me the sigil?

@FraterMagni I am in. Send me the sigil.

I’m willing to try this, if you’re willing?

I could soul travel there sure. Ill report my findings to you but i do need a base to start with. Pm me if you have this anchor

Send me your sigil