So I was opening my third eye, with Michael and Lucifer and an ancestor. I was taken to this dirt path with green grass and a hill. Two images came to mine: a spear and shield and a female warrior, with reddish brown hair, war paint, furs and a spear. There was a mount. What does it mean?

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She could be your familiar, a spirit guide, a soul mate or an early ancestor sent to guide you.


Do you have Scottish/Welsh/Irish Blood in you? If so the description reminds me of three things the Pict’s warriors or possibly queen Boudicca. Also the goddess Agrona which is connected to the Morrigan too.


I do have that blood actually


She was there to tell you or show you something. You can contact her again and ask her who she is, what message she has for you and what kind of relationship you can have with her, basically you enter in theta gamma state and you bring her to your mind to stable a relationship. E.A. explains all this subject of guides and visions in his book “Questing After Visions”.