Visions of a possible future?

Alright, here’s the scoop… first I should explain before coming to the practice of darkness, I was a pagan (more like, a dark pagan, as I had no intention of following the right hand rules) and one day, I was in the shower spinning my chakras, and cleansing my aura, well it kind of just stopped… and I had a vision. To sum it up, the vision was first off, a still image, kind of frozen in time. It started off in a kind of plane, and it showed craters of missile explosions, maybe a civil war of some sort, as civilian clothed people were shooting at eachother, and running amuk, with detroyed and decayed streets and houses. It then zoomed into a mountain top, with me in ruler style clothing, that of a robe, black with red insignia, someone older, and I had a sword in one hand, seemingly charged with blue energy, and a pistol in the other (left hand) covering behind a large rock form, shooting at a battalian, with a large mansion-type structure, to the right of where I would be standing, an army in front of where id be standing, and another large battalion coming up a path to the side of the mountain… any thoughts or possibilities of what this may mean? What could be of this? Or am/was I just crazed? I know its modern time, because there were airplanes in the sky dropping bombs, and most of the guns I saw, I’ve never seen before, anywhere in history. So what are your thoughts of this?

Try recalling your emotional state during the vision and compare that to your recent experiences. See if you notice any correlation.

Its called the magic “L” its a flanking minuver we use in the army. we distract the enemy with action in hopes the respond in kind then lift and shift our fire as another better group moves in to kill. This could mean any number of things but I think its a personal omen ment only for you. probably along the lines of watch your back. it would make a cool movie :slight_smile:

Thanks for that, but it wasn’t like they were from front and right like a flank normally, we were at the top of a hill with a single, winding path to get up, and that path lead out to the same area the other battalion was positioned, I could easily see the second and the first from my spot of cover, I seemed to be taking a large chunk out of their forces, and maybe they just needed reinforcements, could it be, like you said, that there’s just a simple message in this, or that it is a possibility of happening? The rock was kind of in a corner, the mountaintop resembling an imperfect, rough square, me in one, the mansion thing in the other, and the battalions occupying the other half of it. I probably should’ve been a bit more specific when relaying this vision, I seemingly left out a few, to me minor, but really important details that couple help any suggestions. Thanks for the thoughts though!

Well, it could be quite possible I was (unknowingly) getting close to, or even in theta/gamma sync, considering I had a very energy-heightening exprience right before that, by a couple days, and was spinning all chakras at once, instead of traditionally one at a time, and I had gotten a lot more concentrated, and better with visualizations. Hard to say the exact logistics of the emotions, but I do know I was in a very relaxed, calm state, in no rush, just takin my sweet old time in the shower.