Vision with Belial

Alright, so someone (@Lokthoriel) suggested that it would be a good idea for me to try to evoke Belial and ask for a show of good faith to prove to myself once and for all that I’m not crazy for whispering incantations into the air. So I just gave it a try using the Kama Kala incantation front E.A. Koetting, and after a few repetitions, I got a remarkably clear vision in my mind’s eye along with a foreign thought to the effect of “you should see this”.

The vision was simple; it was of a hex wrench like this one:

Later panning out to two wrenches on either side of a crossbow. I’ve never experienced an image that clear flash into my mind before. Maybe it’s just my subconscious, maybe not. If not, what could it mean?

Also, I keep thinking I see bits of light reflect off of my window, but it’s night time and there are no cars. Anyways, I will of course keep trying, but wondered what you guys thought.

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I have no idea what it could mean. I guess its purpose will become clearer over time and with reflection. Or maybe it was just simply that: a show of power/influence. It may become a sort of inside joke between you two.

So what if it is your subconscious? Magick is not only a journey of understanding the universe and the external forces within, but also those inside you, inside all of us. There is this idea that the macrocosm is reflective of the microcosm, and vice-versa. Each influence each other, is how manifestation works: you bring ideas down and solidify it into physical reality. In that process you are aligning yourself at the center of things and creating what it is you desire.

Understanding your subconscious is paramount to an understanding of yourself, and through that, the development of more potent magickal effects because you as a being will have a more whole understanding of ‘you’.

However the thing is you went into this work with Belial looking for him to show you ‘proof’. So I ask you, did you get what you were looking for? Did you define ‘proof’ before you began the experiment? What were your conclusions? Do you think more trials are necessary? Would you count this as a success or failure?

Its nice to see that you are actually doing the work. I do hope you keep up with your practices. I think you are on the verge of something, some sort of realization that I cannot imagine.

Be open to communication in many forms. Seeing or hearing spirits is fantastic, but it’s not a guarantee. Even if you are very advanced, a spirit may not choose to speak or show themselves to you all the time. They can communicate by sharing emotions. Placing things in your path that they know will make you think of them. Sometimes you get signs or symbols in dreams. The ways go on and on, it can be hard for humans to look beyond sight and speech, but it’s very worth it.

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Here’s the world’s shittiest sketch of what I saw in my mind’s eye. It was of course much clearer and extremely lifelike. The wrenches were solid brushed steel, and the crossbow was wooden - the old-fashioned kind. I don’t remember if the bowstring was pulled taught or not.


Responding to replies now.

That’s actually a really good point. When I think about what it could mean, I suppose the wrenches could be figurative for tools of influence, and the crossbow is obviously a symbol of power. I suppose that makes a lot of sense.

As above, so below. You do make a good point there. Although my original purpose was to prove to myself that when I whisper those incantations, I’m not just talking to myself. That there are objective beings that can ‘hear’ me.

I suppose I got part of what I’m looking for. I mean, it’s a journey, right? Eventually, I’d like to replicate others’ experiences of spirits clearly saying “what do you want” in an almost audible manner. You’re also right in that I didn’t define what I consider as proof going into this experiment; admittedly, the excercise was a bit of a last-minute attempt. I do think more trials are necessary with better definitions, but I would consider this a partial success at least.

Thank you for the encouragement! I’ll keep at it for sure.

if you hold this thing in your hand until you sweat,you will kind of smell that he brings when he is around

for this guy,he appeared as a steam roller spewing spark…

seeing the picture made me remind of this Q&A,i never saw him in a steam roller but it must be nice,definitely lol