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Hello all

If i walk outside and stare in the far distance. I bring my vision towards myself while still staring in the distance. The ground then starts to look like a grid pattern. I then start seeing little floating flickers of light everywhere. And then a mist appears about 2 meters away.

If i concentrate on the mist i can bring it right upto my face. All i can see is mist. I do start blinking when the mist is that close. A bodily reaction to something that is not physicaly there. The top of my head tingles and my third eye tingles/activates as well.

My questions are, has anybody experieced this?
Are you able to do something with this mist?

I feel theres something more i can do, but dont know how or what. I can never get further than the mist.


I seems as if the mist is your chakra flowing did it have color to it shape size


Just went outside to try again.
Its white mist kind of like a cloud. No color and takes up my whole vision. It ebs and flows, no real shape. This time it was up close to start with. Also the things in the backyard also seemed to have a white aura around them.

I tried it in a dark room as well. The mist was black. I could feel the energy of it on my face when it gets close.


Just put the pieces together. Im using the same technique when opening sigils. The difference being i have a focal point.

That mist is whats making the sigil move and slither and bringing it to life. Also activating the inner sensory “Third eye & Crown”

Reading up on it. People are calling it the Theta Gamma State, Which makes sense.

When going into that state with eyes closed and selecting a focal point. You can begin to see faces form and appear before your closed eyes.

Stay in that state long enough the frequencies go up and creates a ringing in your ears. Focus on the ringing and only the ringing. Which can be quite painful. And you can astral project.

Its all connected.

Problem solved :-):grin:

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