Vision boards?

I am working on a ritual for myself now. It will take some time to get sorted out.
I have been filling in my lunch break with a reading from Ophiel, I was given a pdf of his book. It reads like he wrote it some time ago, he mentioned he did a Vision Board for an IBM typewriter, so that has been awhile ago but I liked the writing. He has a great sense of humor.

Is there another author that I should read to add to my research. Or should I just re-read his book and begin looking for stuff to put on my vision board.

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It’s worth reading that bit again, because otherwise you might feel like you didn’t extract all the knowledge from it. :thinking:


Is Ophiel still with us?
I could send him some money for his book or something. I did not pay anything for it and it isn’t borrowed. its a pdf. you cant really borrow pdfs

I can’t help with that, sorry!

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This could be him, Edward C. Peach.
And he is not with us anymore.

THanks for the hand