Virus Infection and Purpose

I have a doubt. Who created viruses that harvest on human beings? Whats the purpose? For example, to do sex rituals, we need freedom to express it. Freedom to do things. But if we have sex with a person we met, there are chances to get infected. I would like to know the truth behind its creation.

Nature and evolution.


Mother Fucking NATURE. Mother of all Shit.

That’s a pretty heavy question, OP! That boils down to ‘what’s survival?’ :slight_smile:

Everybody’s gotta eat, so, when beings have trouble surviving, they procreate to carry forward their biological inventions and correct their mistakes; think of it like patching a program! Viruses patch too, but not in the same way- they clone themselves and adapt to have a better time delivering the payload! That’s life too, it’s just a different way of making kids. :slight_smile:

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