Violent family, I want to reprogram my life completely and ascend

In the years that I have been practicing magic, I have seen many inner and outer changes, and I can say that there are patterns of thoughts and actions that change in your life for the better, and some aspects of your life materialize what is according to your will.

But one of the things that I have not managed to change and maybe I have not put so much focus on and should be paramount, is my family.

I tell you a bit my story in summary

My nuclear family has always been very violent, physically and psychologically.

I, and my brothers have suffered from psychological and physical abuse

My parents until today, who I have known them for 27 years, are still very violent and abusive among them, when I was a child I saw how they were physically and psychologically ill-treated.

I get very bad with my brother from childhood to adolescence, and even in adulthood I stopped talking to him completely for about 6 years, since he, following the family, also abuse me in different aspects and in a very violent way

My mother is neurotic, 365 days a year she is nervous, screams, discusses and is unhappy about everything in reality.

I could continue and play the role of victim, but that is why I come to you, because I have never liked the role of victim and say “I grew up in hell and the fault is theirs” … NO, I’m not like that

Also, I am a magician and the owner of my life!

Regarding the above, what do you recommend me to do?

Is there a possibility to “heal the family”? Is it better to leave everything behind?

I have even considered the possibility of never seeing them again in my life, and even, not having children since it would seem horrible to me to meet some grandparents and family of this type.

What do you recommend in the magick and also the psychological?

Many greetings to all always for the help they provide, You are a great community!


Evoke all their zodiac angels.


woow, thank you, I did not know about the zodiac angels, I will investigate.

If you have some information that you think can help me, I would appreciate a lot!

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I have some history with this. My grandma was evil, purely and cursed my family when I was young. Idk if she even knew what she was doing but that matters not. At any rate, things were bad, always and when she died my dad got even worse. Take a lazy, leeching, alcoholic narcissist, manipulator, abuser…and magnify it by 1000. The best thing I could do was address HER. Remind her she was dead. I can’t fix him because his mind is weak and I really don’t care enough about him at any rate. But when I feel things get heavy, I cleanse and state out loud " you’re dead Katie, go back to hell!" It seems to work.


Angels like Raphael are a good choice or water spirits elementals are very helpful bunch, there’s a spirit named Glasyos dicovered by E.A Koetting, it’s a very helpful in terms of stilling emotional chaos, other than that is if you actually want to try and heal your family, honestly even Lucifer can help in this however he will let you do all the necessary workings in order to succeed, atleast that’s the case it has been for me.
Sometimes however in order to heal, oneself must heal before you can heal others that means sometimes letting go of the past to move on in the future so that the chains of the past won’t choke you anymore, however your path is your path and I am sure you’ve found a few ways by now, if not here’s a tip from me.

Good luck


@magusnegris … Let me know their natal charts. Date of birth and place of birth. Time of birth not important.
Screenshot the chart images, I can provide the rest.

Thanks @Fuego !

Mother’s chart

Father’s Chart

Brother’s Chart

Sister’s Chart

My own Chart

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Give me time. Will post sigils/pantacles to use.

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Thank you very much @Fuego !!!

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Do you want all zodiac angels for each? That us 24 angels apiece. Let me see who they have in common.

Here is Elohim Gibor…

Here is Shaddai El Chai …

In such situations, how can someone be healed first? All is untangled! Healing must occur as a whole. It is similar to polishing precious stones, as a whole, a side for a time, and then polishing each side again and again till perfection. Ask healing for the family as a whole because it is everyone’s karma.


Mercury in a gemini moon to get people in your family to be more rational and communicate(If they are to emotional). Moon in Cancer, for peaceful feelings and love and tenderness, but its better to do Mercury first as most conflict is emotional and passionate,(Water and fire)


so, i have to evoke these two?

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Those two would probably be best to evoke to gain better clarity about her behavior.

Thanks @Fuego I will do it immediately

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then I will tell you my experience here in the topic

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The thing is this; you can’t change or “evolve” a human that doesn’t want to grow. You can do magick and invoke angels and demons and work your ass off to help them but if they are not at a place in their existance where they are ready - and asking for this guidance for transformation you are doing NOTHING but wasting your time, energy and attention on unfruitful ambitions where that time and energy would be best spent on your own future and ascention.

I know it is hard to let go. But it’s time to move on and to be able to help ANYONE, you have to. Realize that it is NOT your fault. None of it ever was. As a child you were a victim. But now as an adult you have the power to make your own choices. Live for you and your future. Live for your children. YOUR family. If those in your current family see your growth and happiness and get to the point in their lives where they want to abandon tbe old ways and come to you, you can guide them. But essentially right now, the best thing you can do is cut the boat adrift and let them find their own way while you repair your own life.

You are a survivor. You are a victor. You are stronger for having lived through that. Now realize you can not change the past but holding onto it WILL affect your future. My good choices today make my “good luck” in the future. Find your own way hun, and let your strength and light shine. And let the dead bury themselves. Yes. I am speaking from the heart and personal experience. I wish you the best.


Thanks for your words @nikki, thank you very much!