Vine, interesting aspects

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Has anyone had issues with Vine taking a soul?
I’ve had that with other spirits before.
I sort of want to stop it from happening.
I had sometimes wondered if it had to do with me offering alcohol.
I would often feel as though alcohol is a comfortable thing for me to want to offer
but the demons get too drunk. I often end up drunk too even when I don’t take a sip myself,
an then they start running away with my soul.
Has anyone else ha this happen?
I was thinking about contacting Vine for a long time, but this does make me a bit nervous.
If I was to contact Sealiah before contacting Vine would that help?

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Interesting post maybe try coffee instead so you are energized instead of drunk, lol. That’s worked for me. I haven’t worked with Vine directly though. May I ask what you mean “take your soul”? You mean astral travel?

You need a watcher. Something that will look over your soul and body and protect it. I use it to make sure when I leave my body it remains safe, and so that the part of me that has left has protection also.


I have had soul fragments get stolen before, it’s not so much the whole thing obviously.

how do you know your small fragments of your soul has been stolen?