Vincent Pitisci - Tarot Reader and Teacher

Hey Everyone,

I’ve recently came across Vincent Pitisci’s YouTube channel and I been watching a lot of his videos pretty heavily as I would like to learn more about tarot cards. He has a really great approach to how he does his readings. I’ll eventually get around to purchasing his books. What are your thoughts and opinions on him?

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Well, only about 4 1/2 minutes into his most recent video and he seems to know his stuff on cartomancy based on what i’ve learned. Stating both that you could read the same no matter what deck as long as you recall the meanings for each card regardless of symbolism in the art, but also that the sorcerer gets what they want out of the symbolism.

In my experience, the symbolism of my deck has helped me fine-tune the general reading at times when specific cards appear that could’ve been easily replaced with another for the overall read. The way one of the swords on a sword card is positioned, for example, will seem to correspond to something in the life of the subject.


That’s an interesting view. Thanks so much for the feedback. :grin: