What do you think of this guy. He goes beyond christianity. He talks about past lives.
So christians would condemn him.
In other words, this guy might have something of value. But, opinions ???
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I have always wondered if a demon could cause some one to life long depression.

This is wrong in my opinion. Those people call any “Evil” spirit or negative entity, a demon. Without ANY deep investigation into the subject.

We’re dealing with an invisible realm and those guys basically shooting in the dark and imagine they hit the targets they want to hit, just because they can’t see anything else.

It’s sad and annoying pure religious propaganda. I had encounters with many spirits over the years, NONE were “pure evil”. And I mean, ZERO… from hundreds of cases. I experienced negative spirits, and ones with aggressive personalities… but can’t call that evil or demonic. To label them all as “demons” and start this panic-campaign to promote and sell his show or books or whatever they’re selling, is a scam by choice or ignorance.

Those people do not represent the majority of individuals and organisations dealing with what they call “the paranormal” or spirit communication or ITC research. They only represent themselves.

He’s talking about hell and heaven… then he would be surprised and ashamed when he learn that in the gospels and the bible… there is no mention of a real hell or place for eternal torture. It never existed. Jesus never said anything like that and none of his followers believed this noneses.

I’m sorry but those kind of “shows” really make me angry ! :rage:


At the 27 minute part ( approximately ) he says there is an Evil book, The most evil book in the world. He won’t say it’s name. What is the name of this book
Also, I sent my Photo and a message to him telling him to send these Demons to me.
This tells everyone that I am not scared of his story. Or his spirits. Respectfully to hi spirits, if any
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Like attracts like. When people are in a positive mental-emotional state they attract positive spirits, when they’re in negative mental-emotional state they attract negative spirits. Simple as that. Spirits do not cause or start this mental-emotional state in a person without being “invited” to do so, consciously or subconsciously. That’s what I know.

Good and evil, Angels and Demons, are relative man-made terms. They do not exist in reality, whatever this reality is. Angels can and did destroy whole nations - according to biblical stories. Satan was the ones who told Adam and Eve the truth behind God’s plan and revealed God’s lies about their death if they eat from the tree of knowledge. Who’s good and who’s evil ?!


That sums it all up. Thanks.

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1 hour 15 minute 45 second. He mentions a great technique to get back at enemies.
Second video

It’s just my own opinion but from what little I heard (I didn’t listen to the whole interview) but he is going by what he was taught (Dogmatic) or it’s what’s his own mind set is. There’s a saying “you are what you eat” maybe the same can be said you are wanting you think and/or taught. Maybe because of that the negative entities attached themselves to him.

I can honestly say there are some things that I consider demonic. I really try to distinguish between demonic and daemonic. There are some things, though, that there just is no way to pull a win from an encounter with them. I consider them demonic. Not even astral nasties; there is at least something to be learned from encountering them. No, there are beings that are so alien to our sphere that they simply have nothing to offer and nothing to take; madness is the end result, and for what?

That being said, this guy is full of shit, lol. The guy in the video, I mean.