Video - Why Sorcerers Fail At Evocation

Im laying in my sofa looking at the video Why Sorcerers Fail At Evocation, with @E.A and at one point I start to laugh… he say that when having a full materialization of a deamon and he thinks “is this real?” and I cant stop laughing; this is so me… I wonder how many times I’ve called entities and they come, I many years ago had a deamon as my “pet” / familiar that I called Arepo (fucking loved him and his sense of humour). He was the kind of deamon not so evolved, like a dog, couldnt talk etc… even friends could see him and he would love to kuddle with me in the bed when I was going to sleep, fierce attackdog that killed many of my former enemies egregores etc… Even non-belivers got scared because they saw him, a farmer wrote a article about his cows that got mutilated and killed, sometimes abducted (yeah Arepo really loved cows) and in my mind today at the precent I sometimes think “was this real? Was this just my imagenation!?” Haha




But if others were able to see Arepo then maybe it wasn’t all in Your head… :wink:


o i know a Version, where dumbledore say’s it’s both at the same time.

in his head, and true.

sounded similar to azazel’s advice towards E.A.:

We come into existence, the Moment we meet.
the Moment we’re seperated, None of us exist’s.

I still am amused, on how at the same time, some are here, and not here.



But still sometimes my mind tries to convince me that I made that up to lol


I don’t think that ever completely stops happening, maybe it’s a form of sanity protection? :smiley:

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