[Video] Draugadróttinn: Advanced Vampire Magick For Black Magicians

Draugadróttinn: Advanced Vampire Magick For Black Magicians

Rising author @N.D_Blackwood introduces you to the super-system of occult Vampire Magick descending from numerous underground lodges in an uninterrupted lineage from medieval Europe — super-system meaning that it unifies complementary traditions.

“N.D.” invokes my Vampiric patrons, Noctulius and Dracúl, and “Blackwood” refers to a neighboring forest in central Europe where I hike to perform Vampiric ritual


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The True Supreme Ambition Of The Left Hand Path Vampire

Dear Friend,

When a mundane person hears the term “vampire,” they imagine a handsome, fanged, undead gentleman or lady who sucks the blood of human victims to survive. While partly accurate from a legendary perspective, the true sorcery of vampirism far surpasses that romantic stereotype. A true magick vampire aspires to tap into the unlimited power of the cosmos to experience physical immortality and to conquer death.

According to some sources, vampire originally derives from ubyr in Turkish, meaning “witch” or “sorcerer.”

For more than 15 years, Initiatic Vampirism has been the only occult path to which I have devoted myself. I managed to synthesize the magick from every Vampiric Path together, in order to create the most complete and effective grimoire on Magick Vampirism. This synthesis, I present it to you in my new book: Draugadróttinn. If your thirst for sustaining your spirit and conquering death is as great as mine, I invite you to embark with me in this quest for immortality as we explore this energetic phenomena through longtime practices such as Chinese medicine, to powerful rituals transmitted for generations in underground lodges of Europe.

What follows are the 11 chapters that are presented in this grimoire:

Ch. 1 – Initiation Into Vampirism

In the first chapter of this book, we will discuss what Initiatic Vampirism is. We will study the history of this magickal path, what separates serious initiation from the practice of role-play, and also the dangers it entails. We will discuss different trends that have marked this tradition. We will study the end-goal of the Vampiric Path and explain how it offers several possibilities to gain immortality, while retaining our consciousness almost eternally, long after the death of our physical bodies.

Ch. 2 – Lifeforce

In the second chapter, we will go into detail about the very nature of life energy. Drawing on both the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and the European occult tradition, I offer six simple and powerful exercises that will allow you to succeed in any vampiric operation. In a few weeks of practice, these exercises will revolutionize your relationship to energy and health.

Ch. 3 – Preparing Your Tools

In the third chapter, we will prepare the tools of power used in the practice of Ritual Vampirism, such as the athame, the wand, and the ritual space. These rituals come from one of the oldest lodges in Europe, which hold the secrets of the Vampire Tradition. We will go through how to create the tools of ultimate power specific to this initiatory path.

Ch. 4 – The Art Of Life Drain

In the fourth chapter, we will jump straight into practice, using a dozen different methods of Vampirism. Using a detailed methodology for each of those methods, we will learn to drain the life force present in the blood of human beings, through touch, through gaze, through any object that belonged to the person you would like to target, and by using a mirror or the flame of a candle — and also to protect against it. Through this, you will learn how it is possible to acquire health, a long life, and magical power by feeding on the vital essence contained in the blood of your prey. We will also learn how to use the act of vampirism as a weapon for baneful magick, as well as feeding on any spiritual entity in order to absorb its abilities and powers.

Ch. 5 – The Immortal Body

In the fifth chapter, we will study vampirism on the astral plane. We will discuss several common mental mistakes and complexities that prevent astral travel. I will then teach you a bulletproof method to achieve a state of bilocation and how to exit from the body. We will also learn to use the astral gates to meet the undead initiates as well as the deities of the blood path. Finally, we will also learn how to build a matrix on the astral plane. You will then be able to create your own temple for your Vampiric Ascent.

Ch. 6 – Lycanthropy

In the sixth chapter, I will introduce you to the fundamentals of lycanthropy. We will talk about its history in Europe, from the Berzerkers and Ulfednars of the Nordic tradition, to the werewolf of medieval times. We will study several processes that allow your astral body to adopt the characteristics of a predatory beast. We will then use several shamanic rituals from the Scandinavian tradition to get in touch with your animal spirit, and to appropriate its capacities for your personal practice. To conclude this chapter, we’ll learn how to use Lycanthropy to drain a target of all of their life essence by inducing a terrifying nightmare in them during your attack. This practice is one of the most effective for fast results in baneful magick.

Ch. 7 – The Dark Gods

In the seventh chapter, we will talk about the Dark Gods, and the place they occupied in the European pantheon before the arrival of Christianity. We will study the chthonic and vampiric traits of major figures of the Nordic, Celtic, Slavic and Latin pantheons, such as Wotan, Lugh, Noctulius or Vorsh. For each spirit, I will give you precise information for evocation and communication with these Gods of vampirism.

Ch. 8 – Ascended Vampires

In the eighth chapter, we will talk about the vampire tradition in Europe through the Order of the Reversed Dragon. Far from the fantasy books and the fables of crypto-zoology, we will study the history of the European families through whom the vampire tradition was transmitted. In this chapter, the names of the great initiates of history will be revealed, as well as a ritual allowing for your own contact with them in order to obtain their patronage.

Ch. 9 – The Path of the Dragon

In the ninth chapter, I gave you the full rituals of the Order of the Dragon, as they were transmitted to me by some of the last members of the Green Order, one of the last Vampiric societies in Europe. After nine months of intensive practice, you will be able to make a pact with the undead members of this vampiric strain and become one of them. You will thus enter as a living person into the world of the undead, sharing your body with them. By this chain of affiliation, you will benefit from the powers and knowledge of all the great adepts which have joined this lineage before you. You will escape the cycle of reincarnation, and will gain immortality on the astral plane. This chapter also contains several rituals of High Vampiric Magick from this tradition.

Ch. 10 – The Mysteries Of Extraterrestrial Ways

In the tenth chapter of this book, we will deal with a perilous path: the extraterrestrial mysteries. I deliver two completely new and extremely dangerous rituals. These rituals will allow you to attract the attention of Vampiric entities or deities of extraterrestrial origin. This path is the epitome of Lovecraftian horror. By using these two rituals, you will be able to make contact with those outside our reality, and form a pact with them at your own risk.

Ch. 11 – Physical Immortality

In the last chapter of this book, we will discuss the possibility of acquiring physical immortality in your lifetime. By combining the occult methods that we have studied together with the futuristic possibilities offered by transhumanism, we will study the hypotheses of how the future can lead to eternal life and even resurrection, in our body of flesh and bones. Order your own copy of this grimoire right now and place your feet on one of the darkest and most powerful paths to immortality.

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I will see you again in Draugadróttinn: Lord of the Undead as we unlock the fiercely guarded secrets of Magick Vampirism together from ancient and medieval Europe. As you will recall, the true highest ambition of vampirism is not necessarily to prey on other humans per se — although some do — but to unite with the elder Ascended Vampires, and tap into unlimited cosmic power, to experience magick immortality and conquer death forever.

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I just Recieved my hard cover copy of this tome.
I can’t seem to find proper words of gratitude for bringing this path to my attention as the implications are soo beyond the neophytes and RPG’ role playing and larping imaginations over stimulated by their personal shadow expressing through fantasy is a much observed escapism tactic kept alive by melenials who suffer the very same pranic loss or leaking or just low level chi and chi regeneration. Solidifying in their minds that the way they are living is not a choice but circumstance outside their control and a universe to which cares not for them and that’s just the way it is…
I feel like this could be the missing link of my self diagnosed void or justification of my past choices and perception of myself and my place in the world.
Either way. I know I have learned to trust my guides and will not suscede to any more of my self tyranny . Nor allow my compassionate side to become an obstacle for my ascent and immortality.
Finally , to deprive generations of the future to benefit and learn their true nature would be a worse offense than not taking risks for the selfish reasons produced by fear.
Time to act on my new found perception and accompanying knowledge . For My path will be fruitfull from the actions and choices I have made. Period.

My becoming , through pain and avarice seems to be the only logical way one evolves and unlocks the unlimited potential we are being called to endeavor and lead by example for the future hybrids of Homo-Deus.
My Forum platform seems to be much more glitchy for some reason. Likely a software neglecting factor of my own , I will make sure to clean irganize and remove anything old and useless or un touched in months.

My point I am getting at is this entire post up until the words I’m currently typing was lost or glitches out of accessibility no matter what attempted solution . But as I inquire how to structure my next journal formatt I open a topic of interest and related , then suddenly blammo! Page n a half of previous Rory writings…lol
So I felt I should keep it and post the info despite possible unrelated subjects within the thread.
Hopefully I don’t repeat myself copious amount of times . And still works when reading the two subjects together which augment each perception approaching each subject within the post.
Either way. I am about to preform a mahivkal task involving an old flame of mine Who.in fact contacted me today sparking old feelings and a sexual desire that blows the roof off of any arousal sensation I have felt in.years…in fact…since I was with her sexually and would have Married this goddess of a female .
Only obstacle is she lives in the province next to where i am currently.
I plan to feed off her certain areas to Drain sexual energies into.mw ans then immediately direct my own intense sexual desire and sex and lust/Romance energy of mine to induce a intense need for a rekindling connection to bang eachothers brains out and with any luck . And if she’s still the woman I fell for( likely has grown and become more of her amazing self) than I Gould safely assume her ability to have an open mind and understand my motives and actions like becoming one of the only females I would trust to be able to comprehend the CRAZY or "EVIL " nature most affiliate my practise with.
Which is a prerequisite of any serious relationship intentions.
I could only see myself at first dating another witch like myself but learned today that I should give people more credit to understand me.
That said .
My heart beats just thinking of any future possibilities that include me spending any time with this female whomever I swear I will charm smile after smile upon her perfect face untill she falls for me me over again…
In terms of my feelings for her…I only realized how much I loved her untill I was gone and forgotten.
I won’t allow myself to get in my own way and also won’t allow my feelings for her to impeded or limit my power or progress in any type of fashion.
Taking care of applying exact calculated application of magick IF and when I decide to use it


My apologies @Timothy I had not realized I was not in the proper topic for me to post in…sorry brother!