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I bought the Mastering Evocation course a 11 days ago. The videos keep pausing/stopping, continually. The help desk said to clear out the Cache Browse. I cannot figure out how to do that. I logged out and back in and there is still the same problem. I asked the help desk again and have not heard back. Any ideas ?

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Maybe see if you can get the download links for it. That way you don’t have to stream.


Probably your best bet is what fratervv said

This might help:


Video courses are no longer downloadable.

Re streaming; make sure you have a damn good wifi connection and damn good broadband otherwise you’ll become so frustrated you’ll want to cast your device into the seventh layer of the inferno.



I’m hoping that’s not true or that they change their mind. Otherwise I won’t be purchasing any more courses from them

I emailed the help desk to ask if the mastering soul travel course was downloadable; I was emailed back and was told that downloading was no longer available.

Ouch. That’s really really disappointing!!

Same. I just purchased a video course & have been getting frustrated at the buffering times involved.

Does each part buffer fully if you allow it time to load?

So far, yes. I had seen a comment elsewhere on here stating that you’re able to download the courses after the trial period/7 days is up, but I guess maybe that’s not true anymore? I’m not always in an area with Internet access so I really prefer having the ability to save videos to my hard drive. :confused:

I would guess that they might have put it up that way to prevent it from being put out for download on other places on the net.
Im interestedin some of the courses myself but for now in getting all the books i want, for some reasons learnibg magic from books feels more like the ”correct” way for me(;
For sites like youtube and the like there are addons, websites and programs to record their videos and store then om your drive.
I have no idea If you can use those things on your course material and i do t wanna get in trouble here so i will not advise you to do it either.

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Noooo, I also don’t have high speed net here, :cry:I was planning to buy Soul Travel course but after reading your post I may not. :disappointed:crappy rule.

I did download one. I clicked the right tab. It said “save as”. I clicked it and downloaded the video
The help desk said the video worked fine on their end.
This is all AFTER the 7 day waiting period.
I’ll try the browser cache thing.

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