Video #1: The Magick Key To 20/20 Spiritual Vision


VIDEO #1: The Magick Key To Getting 20/20 Spiritual Vision… So You Can Attain Godlike OMNISCIENCE Starting On Halloween!

– I’ve taken this message from today’s newsletter. Here’s the original source:

Hey Friend,

I have WILDLY exciting, bleeding edge news!! (And YOU are going to be the FIRST in the world to find out what it is)

Many thousands of you have been very patientialy awaiting my official announcement for the imminent release of my all-new, ancitipated, Mastering Divination: Omnisicence program…

…Well, guest what? The time has come. I hereby declare October DIVINATION month, and you’re going to be able to get the First Godlike Power (Omniscience) starting this October 31st!

Halloween - the notoriously spooky holiday of evil mischief and secret magickal celebration - is the same day I am making my video program available for YOU to watch.

But that’s not all…

Since the actual start date is Tuesday October 30th at exactly midnight (Halloween Eve), I’ll be giving you one power-packed video revealing free divination tips, behind-the-scenes footage, and insider first-looks at the content of the program every Wednesday of this month until we kick off the official release!

So let’s commence this festive season devoted to the mastery of DIVINATION… here is the first video for your immediate viewing pleasure. Just click the image below, and it’ll take you to my special page, where you’ll watch the video:

Be sure to bookmark the access page, so you can remember to visit it each Wednesday for the latest must-see video updates…

Also, for your convenience, here is the URL link to the page:

And of course, book Halloween into your personal calendar RIGHT NOW, so we can hit the ground running together as soon as my masterful program is ready for you to devour!! (Let’s attain REAL magick Omniscience this season!!)

Looking Forward To It!

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YES! Great! I’m sooo looking forward to this. And I’m definetely getting it the day it’s available. I remember reading somewhere on here the program would cost something around 300 bucks. Is that right, or do I have to plan spending more? I’m a hundred percent sure this program rocks.


I remember a year ago at this time “Ipsissimus” was about to be released and now just one year later so much have already happened and something that we couldn’t even imagine is on the way.


I don’t know anything about tarot cards. Are there different types out there or are they all the same? If there are different types, is there one particular type/brand I should be buying to practice with for the upcoming program? Thanks


Brutus: Yes, there are a number of different Tarot decks. In DK’s post about Tarot

[ ]

he links a few sites that have virtual Tarot decks. The classical Tarot deck that most people are familiar with are embodied in the Rider-Waite and Thoth Tarots, though there are other decks that use different cards entirely. Play around with the digital decks linked from that thread, and see what you like. That thread also has a good little discussion of divination, so it may also be useful to you.

Some people swear by one deck format or another, others pick a deck based on the art, on their feelings/intuition, others based on what they have been taught. If in doubt, pick up a Rider-Waite or Thoth Tarot and play around with it - they are pretty easy to find. If it doesn’t fit all your needs or you find another deck that fits you better, add it to your arsenal.


I remembered your comment here when I ran across this on line book and thought you may be interested in looking or reading the info connected to the Tarot. Written by Eliphas Levi. It is The Magical Ritual of the Sanctum Regnum. You might find something there to relate to.



Thanks, I will check it out!