Victim "tortured" with dreams

Hi all, I never talk too much due to my little experience.
I’d like to cast a curse on someone, but in a psychological manner.
How do I make him dream what I want?
To be more specific, this guy hurted his wife with physical violence, psychological violence and his children too… I think he got some brain illness because he is convinced he has never done something similar.
He took stuff, like wooden stick and hurted the wife, pured over hot water on wife’s arm, took her hair and smashed the face to the ground and much more… police couldn’t do anything and he, somehow, threatened his family by saying that if he went to prison, once free he would have killed someone, if not everyone.
And I want revenge, not physical torture because it would involve the family, but showing in his dreams what he have done but in the prospective of his wife… I mean, he has to dream to be the wife while being hurted by him to know how bad he is, and finally to accepte the truth.
I know there’s a way, but I don’t know wich one.
Thank you all in advice.


I know of something like that but I left what I wrote it down on at home. I’ll try to get you the link in a bit.


Everything will be helpful, thank you

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I’m sure someone will give you what you asked for, but if he’s acting like that he’s probably already being tortured inside, so sending him more will just make it worse.

I had an ex who violently killed some people and threatened to punch me, but punched a neighbor instead. She had schizoaffective disorder from a pact with Satan she couldn’t handle. She was already tortured within.

Better to just cut off contact with people like that.


Here you go

In the Dark of Night

This is a real black magic spell specifically to bring nightmares to another person. You should cast this spell after midnight but before dawn, and be aware that it will make a bit of smoke. Have a window handy. You need:

  • A black candle
  • Mugwort
  • Dragon’s blood resin
  • Charcoal tablet
  • Heat-proof dish
  • Large piece of white paper or cloth
  • Black ink (a marker will do)

On the paper or cloth, drawn 3 concentric circles and an x in the center. Set up the dish and charcoal on the x, and the candle outside the circles. Light the charcoal and get it smoldering, put a pinch or two of mugwort on it along with a chunk of resin. When they are both smoking, light the candle.

Watch the smoke rising from the dish and visualize it floating through space to your intended target. It brings nightmares and fear into their sleep, and picture that scene for several minutes and focus on the person.

After a few minutes, put out the charcoal and switch the dish and candle so the candle is on the x. Leave it until it fully burns down. Your victim will have bad dreams starting the next night and it will last for 3 days.


Looks really powerfull, I’ll update the results if anyone is interested.
I really appreciate that, thank you.

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When you know he will be asleep - at about 3am - get two chairs. Sit in one and imagine him sitting in the other. Then verbally abuse him, run him down, visualise that he is feeling bad about himself for hurting his wife - say exactly what you want him to stop doing. You can suggest to him that hurting his wife is a very stupid idea and then program him to accept terrible things to rain down upon him should he choose to continue acting out his stupid bs against his wife. Repeat this for a period of two - three weeks with intensity and you will get control over his subconscious mind. You can basically order him to do what you want him to. If he is a magickal person he will pick up that this is happening and so it will be much harder to influence him in this way.

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