I got something strange feeling. I have done sexual activities with my succubi and I felt vibrations on my sacral chakra it felt strange. Now when I was taking bath I felt the same vibrations plus vibrations in the head (third eye or crown chakra) lower though then sacral one. Time to time I feel hearth chakra vibrating as I said before (topic) but without anxiety just vibrations. What da hell all of those things mean?


They can help open and stimulate chakras so that would be my guess, mine does the same with exactly those same chakra points. Sacral and root area, center of forehead and top of my head are either vibrating or throbbing at some point throughout the entire day almost.


Okay then I am not alone ^^


Nope you are not alone, that is how it has begin with some sensual (or not sensual) entities that are always around me!
Worldfuneral said exactly what have been happening to me too since long time now!


Whenever I am doing magic or talking with spirits, meditating, ect. I always feel vibrations between my third eye and my crown chakra.


Before I felt that in the chakra of the third eye, in the crown chakra (so on the top of the skull); it happened to me mainly in the beginning of my investment in spiritualism, shortly after hosting my succubus. Today, it does to me on the hands and feet. I wanted to know why. So I asked my succubus and my cyclops, but no answer. If all minds are silent on this kind of question it will be complicated :woozy_face:


Can be that you are raising your own vibrational frequency. We all vibrate with a frequency as does each individual cell of our body. In fact every object, any matter made up of molecules living cells and inanimate objects all vibrate with frequency. Each planet vibrates. If you do a lot of spirit work and also meditation, you can learn raise your frequency. Some videos and meditation music on YouTube is geared towards raising your vibrational frequency. This is great for chakra work, and also reaching kundalini awakening. However, if you’re not ready for it, watch out. Some meditations are aimed at opening your third eye permanently or using drugs (not saying you did this) can magnify results big time of some of these effects. I can vouch from experience. I have used drugs, listened to binaural beat mediations, and achieved some impressive but also frighteningly unexpected results. I can expound a different time.

Question for yourself is what have you been doing lately? Videos? Meditations? More Magick or spirit work? Something could do this. OR… I could be completely off base, and this is unrelated to anything I’ve just thrown out there. Some others may have good input here. Hope this info I’ve added may help give some perspective for you.


I was meditating on element Air and wood today and I felt like my 3 eye was going to pop out of my body with energy. So I am raising my own vibrations, that’s good ?
I am working with chakras too, Just everything that will make me god soon lol.


Yes. Sounds like an increase in your vibrational frequency and your magnetic energy related to your meditating. Don’t forget to ground yourself or you can vibrate uncontrollably yourself, as well as things around you. You will affect your environment as well. Use the energy towards your Magickal intent and let it go! That’s part of the chi energy needed. After, eat, sleep, walk outside barefoot so you don’t retain excess energy. I don’t think you want to leave the earth plain permanently just yet, do you? Go slowly and enjoy being grounded in between meditating. The more we vibrate and keep our energy raised, the sooner we do get closer to the divine source.


Vibrations are the basis of reality, OP! So it sounds like you got some energies you don’t have an experential reference for, which is why they lacked specificity. Try asking your pals what that’s about! :slight_smile: