Vibrational Tones

Even though Saturn rules the Darkest aspects of our natures, things upon unconscious events to which takes place without meaning we view the Magical Evolution of the Sorcerer/Sorceress.

For example, within my latest Rituals to the WitchFather himself, I started utilizing Harmonics Tones to shift my Subconcious mind state without intent. Every time no matter the Spirit, this happens more and more.

I’ve noticed that ever since I started utilizing Ancient Languages and Alphabets or Runes within Sigil Work and Evocations, down to Blood Sorcery that activates the Sphere of the Sanguine, with the use of my own Blood within the Triangle of Evocation.

My rituals have become more potent since I underwent the ritual of intent (Dedication to Sorcery) no matter the Tradition, Form, or Style. It’s like the old Gods have entered within all aspects of the channeled summoning and path Workings.

It’s only improved since I started working with the Hellgate Alphabet which go’s back to Phoenician times. It’s roots are Arabic in nature but also Magical. This Alphabet, is connected to many ancient cultures ranging from Sumerian, Babylinian, And Phoenician down to an Ancient form of Arabic. Still digging into the roots of this, but one thing is forsure- geometric Shapes, Alchemy, Herbalism, and Magical Systems work well with it.

I’ll keep you up to date.

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Please do.