Very strange stuff is happening and I am getting worried

Okay so I do not even know where to begin with this. I will make it short: I performed a love binding spell on my ex a few months ago. I do not know whether it worked or not. In any case, I gave up on the idea of being with him a few weeks ago and became interested in someone else. My ex found out I started talking to/seeing someone else and went completely silent (we were still chatting regularly as friends). He has been very inactive on his social media platforms and I took that as a sign of sadness. Here comes the weird part. Firstly, I have been having nightmares involving one of his parents (arguably the reason of our break-up). Secondly, I was looking for a shirt in my wardrobe and I realized it smelled exactly like his house (his house has a very particular perfume scent, it’s an old house). I haven’t been to his place in MONTHS, not to mention the fact that I have worn that shirt multiple times ever since and washed it regularly. The scent of his house was SO POWERFUL I almost passed out. And tonight I was chatting with my best friend on Whatsapp. I texted my best friend, I got the reply and I switched the apps. When I went back to the chat, the previous replies were different! Instead of my initial answer, Whatsapp showed me that my message was “but the little girl is gone” and my best friends’ was “privileges for the people”. I have NO idea what this means. I looked up the little girl is gone on the internet, I only found a movie whose main character’s name is the same as my ex’s. Now I may be going a little batshit insane and maybe I am overthinking this, but if anyone can give me some insight that would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.

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