Very strange Question:I need a unique solution

Ok guys, Here is the situation. First, I realize what I’m asking is a bit insane, but I really need an answer. I have 3 things I want to accomplish and prohibitions I must follow. This is not my area of specialty.

  1. I need to find a way to siphon or completely remove the magical abilities of another person.
  2. I need to bind this person from using any other physical/mental/magical or emotional means to harm.
  3. I do not want the target or their family to be harmed physically in any way.

Yes, I’ve put lots of thought into this.
Yes, it is for the target’s safety, but also for the safety of those around them.
Yes, I realize there can and probably will be ramifications for me for doing this working.

Prohibitions: I need a way to accomplish this without involving the infernal realms because I am prohibited by one of my primary spirits from working within the infernal realm this year.

My reasons are because the target is causing quite a bit of harm to several of my students and its my responsibility to take care of the situation. There are also innocent children and other mundane adults getting caught in the crossfire that have nothing to do with this issue.

Any ideas, suggestions, or ideas are welcome. So are any warnings, prohibitions or comments on how/why I am being stupid here. If you have ideas about safety precautions I should take they would be welcome and I would also appreciate any insight on how doing a working will affect me both long-term and short-term.

Thank you in advance.


Why not focus on the well-being of these beneficiaries instead. That should take care of this alleged aggressor plus everything else. Sometimes we, due to our own misconceptions, approach things the arse way around.


I do not have experience with this Spell, but would a mirror box be an option?
Creating a little box with mirrors inside and perhaps even sigils on those mirrors and then something that links to/represents the target in this box?
And whatever else can be added to increase the effect.
Speculating here.

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A simple binding should do the trick, there are many you can find on here. I know there should at least be a few that should fit your criteria. You should be able to easily find them with the search function. If you have trouble with that let me know and I will lend a hand when I have a moment.

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Well hecate and i cnt remember a red hair godess, i tnk celtic, will help you. Or try Egyptian godess too… Or wat about the banishing using elements,? Or a doll and seal.? A Saint michael on latin. A witch botle buried,?

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Hm, tough task but I’d say - interesting.

May be doing some good intentionned works - him to become so wealthy, happy, lovable and loved thay he’d lose any interest in harming your students or whoever. Just a suggestion…

Btw what he wants from you and your students? What are his motives to attack you?

When someone is running themselves into trouble, by needlessly fucking with other living beings, you can often influence them by contacting their Higher Self.

This is the part of them which exists permanently on the spiritual planes and carries awareness of all their former lives, and will be aware of the ramifications of actions they’re currently taking.

It’s a concept used a lot in core shamanism, and I have found working with people’s HS’s, when done for their own benefit, to be effective and powerful.

This situation seems to be a good candidate for that, using the worldview that comes with core shamanism.

I’ll paste below a method I posted for influencing a HS, which you can adapt to your needs, PM me if you have any questions about it:

That merges the core shamanic concept with spiritual evocation, you can also soul-travel to someone’s HS, using shamanic journeying.