Very Happy of my Training in Soul Travel

Hi Folks!

I have Started Yesterday my own training in Real time Soul Travel
Here my Result at the Second Day.

So the test i did his i take Four Card, (UNO game Card) I shuffle them and put one on the top without looking at it.

After that i project myself above this Card to look at it and after this i verify if i am right or wrong.

So my Goal is to have four on four

When i start Yesterday, Result was not very Good, two card was my best result.

But Today, after Putting myself in a very deep theta/Gamma sync, and really preparing myself for soul travel i succed to have a four on four .

I will do this exercise each day, until i can repeat four on four each time.

But i am very Happy, its confirm to myself that I am not just imagining when i do soul travel.

Excellent, that’s a great experimental design and credit to you for actually putting it to the test and not just relying on wishful thinking!

Please keep us posted, no popping by when we’re in the bath though, eh? :wink:

I continue to keep posting :slight_smile:

When i start Yesterday, Result was not very Good, two card was my best result.

Statistically thats quite impressive. A consistent (?) 50% hit rate on cards with a 1 in, what, 40 chance for a right random guess (I dont know how many UNO cards are in a deck)?

So now you are getting a 100% hit rate? Thats extremely impressive, especially since as Im to believe, consistently being accurate with real world impressions while RVing / APing is actually very difficult even for the best.

Forget where I read that, probably Robert Bruce.

Lol I used the name “Mephistor” on Paltalk. Nice to meet another Mephistor!

Nice to meet you Mephistor! lol