Very general discussion about your 'Off' days

What do you do on your ‘Off’ days?

I don’t mean the days where you’re off work or off school, I mean the days where you still perform magick, but nothing major such as evocation.

If you have given an entity a task to perform, what do you do in between reaching the final outcome?

I personally enjoy making things, such as sigils, hot foot powder, potions, jar spells, meditation, research about entities I think would be right for me, etc.

What about you? (:

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I meditate and give offerings. Trying to distance myself from it every now and then. It is a daily part of my life but I tend to do these things when I feel I have truly the need. At one point I was doing candle magick every night. No need <3


On my day off I take a real day off. I don’t even meditate.


I have fixed days and times where i talk with the entities, so in between I’m training my technical skills alongside the usual housecleaning with lbrp. i have real days off doing nothing if i have too much work to do. :frowning: