Very Fancy Dinner Party Lucid Dream

I had the most interesting dream last night. I dont know what time of Day it was because I started out in some giant yard with stone monuments (maybe one of them a Gravestone not sure), and the yard was Heavily masked with a super dense forest canopy that covered the sky. There were many people dressed up and in nice suits…important people, rich people and very well known people I wager… And they were walking up to some Mansion Home that was illuminating the entire yard area.

I should note that the yard and everything (with the exception of the giant House) was covered in things like Moss and Foliage like the monuments. It kind of seemed like a fairy tail’ish environment. I was making a slight attempt to hide behind the grave stones at first as this was in fact a Lucid Dream, and a few men in the yard talking didnt seem to notice me, where I soon found out that they couldnt in fact see me.

So I entered the Manson House that had a number of windows with bright lighting shining out. With the forest canopies cover of darkness and the lighting it was hard to really make out the Mansion. As I entered there was directly ahead of my a long Haul with thick matte dark colored carpeting (dark green not sure). Directly to my left was a giant glass wall and an entrance…no wood probably a thin metal frame but wasnt recognizable as I was too fixated on alot of things. Inside that room was a Sunken Level Den Bar Area with an Island Bar setup and thin tables in the center with Bar Stools. The Bar consisted of both Alcohol but was also an open air grill kitchen. I should mention that the people eating were actually on the insiden of the island setup it appears as the cooks and Bartenders were along the corners of the room.

I took special note that the bar was made of some rich wood color (not like cherry or anything dark) and all the fixtures and equipment in the bar were shining bright like Silver. A Caucasian White Light Lady old enough to be an Older Mother (still thin and pretty to look neat and clean) with short curly dark blonde hair and I forget eye color greeted me…she had a very cheery attitude…I was facing the giant Window Wall to the Hallway. She asked me what I wanted to order. For some reason I dont know why I kept turning her down or making excuses, but finally gave in and looked at the menu as she said she could cook anything I wanted at any time. I made an order and then walked back into the Hall.

I should comment that this place somehow seems like a Cross between a Mansion Home, an integrated restaurant and bar and somewhat of a Corporate environment. This is because it seems like modern amenities were incorporated into it and the Rich Wood Paneled Walls and clean thick matte carpeting made it seem also like perhaps a nice hotel or some good ol boys club for highly affluent people.

So I entered the Hall again and am facing the Right side to the entrance and the Wood paneled walls…directly ahead is a staircase that goes uo several carpeted steps and up another flight to the left. A nook in the wall next to it I believe I briefly glimpsed a small table with some phone and a lamp around it I believe a wall Lamp. I then walk down the Hall and dont go exploring too much…but off to the right is a Dining room or meeting hall I believe with a long rectangular table much like one sees in Board meeting rooms and I believe this table was of a dark dark wooden color…not sure wood type as I wasnt paying too much attention as I took a brief glimpse to see everybody was in this room too engaged to notice I was within the vicinity.

Then I turn back and some pretty Lady walks out…old enough to be my Mom but Uber hot. She has darker hair (probably brunette) that is curly or put up in some hair-do. She seems to be able to notice me right away like as if she is the only one that can see me and wastes no time walking directly toward me and stops just in front of me. She is wearing some extremely tight fitting dress of Light Colors…I think I remember it was Blue Green and White…I cannot remember as it was just light colors…I wasnt paying attention to much else at this moment as I had this extreme sexual fixation on her as her tight fitting 1 peice dress was showing her Camel Toe and her Breasts with Clearly Defined Hard Nipples poking through. At this moment I just simply grabbed her quickly, gently and yet firmly…and she didnt object but seemed to be expecting it…and I just kept nibbling and sucking aggressively at her Camel Toe and nipples through her dress…kissing her all over moving between them. This was an extremely exhilirating part of my lucid dream as it felt like my Instinct kicked in and I was essentially “Eating Her” as if she was my Food. The Dinner Party kept going on and everyone was talking loud and didnt seem to notice as the feeling of the atmosphere was a night of indulgence.

Forest canopy, bar with a big window, teal (blue-green) and an air of general luxury to the building’s fittings - are things that have appeared twice in (non-lucid) dreams I had, that Euoi (from here) was also shown in - one was a large hotel in a seaside town, I PM’d that to her because it had some possibly personal information in.

The other one, I logged here:

The moment I clicked this post you’ve just made, I saw an image of that first hotel, even though mine had a glass bar, the 2nd dream with the seaside hotel had exactly the kind of rich wood you’re describing.

Hathor (who wears turquoise a lot, is associated with the colour and the gemstone, and is very sexual - she flashed her genitals at her father Ra in one of the most popular stories about her) was definitely in the 2nd dream, in the hotel, and these preceded the personal stuff where Hathor and La Santisima Muerte told me to follow a planetary alignment to the Pleiades, which I posted in detail here.

Weird, huh? :slight_smile:

It is actuall kind of weird. Well not really for me anymore. Most things dont either scare or weird me out as ive grown numb to that. But a better word to describe it is an extremely strong sense of curiousity and fascination. I was very Happy with this dream because it involved a pretty lady in a nice discreet area and most of all she made me feel like a God doing the thing that Gods do…

I should comment on the forest canopy and yard stood out very much. It was likr a cross between walking around a very old neatly kept graveyard and artistkc stone monuments…that very much stood out…and like something out of some faery tale like Camelot with its rich forests and Moss coverrd everything here and there. The canopy was a cover of darkness, and the trees themselves werent run of the Mill evergreens or anything…but a number of differrnt kinds as the canopy was Dense! Only the light from the House seemed to create a surreal type of lighting effect similar to Moonlight. A number of men were taking a stroll innthe yard chatting about whatever.

This is a place I would like to visit again and in real time as I knownit exists. Most of my dreams are usually Precognitive and I know if they have significance. Not just you, but a number of people I know not mecessarily in forum have dreamt of a Seaside place as well. Thr number one thing that always stood out with the women I spoke to is they always remember the smell of the sea breeze. But ive been holding onto specific synchronistic relations to that for at least within several years pointing that direction.