Very bad sound

In section 15 of the program, in the possession scene, what does Koetting ask Azazel? I can’t hear a damn thing, I even pre-amped the sound and it’s still not clear. I can hear her (his) answers clearly, but I can’t hear what Koetting asks. This is very annoying.

i whould really appreciate some subtitles, not for the entire course, but just for the part with the rituals where the sound is very bad / distorted for various reasons.

That’s a VERY good idea. I don’t understand why Koetting didn’t think of that before releasing the course.

He probably didn’t do it because there wasn’t much instruction in those rituals. Some of the rituals did contain instruction, which I heard fine, but most of the distorted sound in those rituals didn’t really contain much other than personal information for him that he was receiving. So since we are mostly paying for instruction, there really isn’t much need to hear that stuff.

i guess he didit have time and wanted to push it out for us all rather then delaying it, wich is appreciated. while the entire course is excellent, the only flaw imo is just that everbody cant understand whats happening when the sound goes out i. the rituals.

I’ve already addressed this several times, and I’ll do so here again. There is NO, absolutely NO instruction given in the sections where the sound was having issues. In the group evocations, the only way I could have caught sound from at some points all 5 of us equally clearly would be if I had a boom mic and a boom mic operator, which I simply don’t have at this point in the development of my cinematographic abilities. I did have sound on Scarlet and on myself, but both of those failed.

Another thing that I’m not sure that I mentioned or not is that there IS NO TEACHING going on in these parts of the course.

In the solitary rituals that I perform wherein I do indeed teach as I evoke, I filmed each of those at least 5 times per ritual, because the sound did keep going out or having background static coming from nowhere, and since I was teaching, I had to piece together what I could so you could understand what I was saying.

In the section where Scarlet is channeling, I specifically wired her for full sound because she’s the one talking! My questions are not even an eighth as important as her/His answers.

When I refilm this course a bit down the road, I definitely hope that I’ll have the budget for a quality boom mic (a few thousand just for the mic, and then a separate generator to pump power to it from enough of a distance to not pick up the noise of the generator, plus someone to operate it, plus a pack of oompah loompahs to carry it up the mountainside.) As is, though, you’re not missing any pertinent information.

Why didn’t I have subtitles? Because the rituals aren’t scripted. We agreed upon specific rituals, and went for that effect. If we were working from a script (aka FAKING IT) I’d have a script that I could have easily inserted. Also, had I not been in an altered state (again, not FAKING IT) then remembering what each of us was saying and doing would have been a ton easier. However, I’m not willing to compromise the spiritual power of these rituals.

Sure, I could listen and try to piece together what we’re all saying, and come up with a script to use as subtitles, but it’s not going to be any more accurate than a script that you’d be able to put together from watching it. So, subtitles would be superfluous, and in my opinion would have distracted from the value of WATCHING WHAT IS GOING ON! Listen to the wind pick up as the Archangels are desecrated! Watch Nate swoon and swivel and nearly pass out from the rapture! Watch Scarlet become absolutely possessed! Notice how the incense smoke goes exactly where it should go as the spirit materializes.

Don’t think for a second that I didn’t consider this or that, but that I took what I had and made some very precise judgement calls about how to present this material.

Oh, yeah, by the way, NO ONE ELSE is doing anything even close to this! I’m hacking a path to Godhood with a machete while the rest of the world sits back and wonders, “What the hell is EA up to now?” Having never even touched a camcorder until BALG, I’m learning and improving as I go, and not only am I doing something that no one else has ever even attempted, but I’m doing pretty damn good job of it!

Oh yeah, did I mention that the parts that don’t have quality sound also don’t have any instruction in them?

“NO ONE ELSE is doing anything even close to this!”

Totally fucking salute you E A. Keep the power flowing.

I think it was Kind of EA to repeat what he wrote above again… and point out some aspects [ I think this question/comment was in other thread(s) ] -just to add another Aspect-slant (descantes)…

whether in these videos (or others of his- like the YouTube Runic rite) as well as recordings of others that are demo-teaching Consciousness-Shifting; don’t those in this forum “ride along”?
In other words, just focus your attention on what is being done (not even “communicated” except in a NVC was) your system “mirror-neurons” / gets the example… that MindSpace-Freq that opens and is avail is what one is Seeking <?> -but that might be coming from Taoist teachings, as well as others where Enviro- can be felt, and resisted, or used as “riding the coat-tails”… like External MartialArts puts their hands on you and moves your system in a certain way… ah like that… more Int’l gives the same “leading” to one’s Energy-flows… (and further the MindSpace- that is the pt of Darshan, Satsang)?

so just to be contrary- I’d recommend listening-watching to say the above course (sections where a Working is going on… ignore/tune out the words- ie don’t translate/understand what his words are saying, just watch/hear the tone of voice, the Enviro sounds and shifts… and feel that… simul, feel your local-Enviro… ‘delta?’ if you Peek around you can find parts that Unfold… and thus Expand… a good meditation teacher- even on YouTube- speaking about whatever one should receive 90% from this Else… (usually this is felt as a distraction, “something that makes it hard to followalong”… yes I recog the audio issue, but what that last part of mine meant was the subcon knows there is this other Info-flow… and either receives it, or wants the Usual so spends energy-effort tuning that “input” out…

            -those here may have already been aware of all the above, per Magickal-Energetic learnings, but to bring up in case.this is new...

EA nailed all of those precisely. …Having personally been there the whole time, I can attest to the problems that were going on with the microphones, as well as the impertinence of what we were saying (as far as instruction goes) in the particular rituals he mentioned. ~ It was fucking WILD! The air around me becomes statically palpable with a vibrating buzz, just watching the videos of those evocations!..
lol. When we went to perform the Gatekeeper Ritual, some Oompa Loompas would have been fucking nice to help carry the recording gear up the hill! …It was a good little hike up there, especially with all of us carrying gear and ritual supplies up the steep terrain, but it was worth it! He couldn’t have picked a better, or more Beautiful area for that particular ritual. The surrounding valleys and gorges of the Desert became Alive with Infernal Legions, and Demonic Phantoms heralding the Gatekeepers! The Wind itself became the furious mouthpiece of what we called upon, picking up with a dramatic Howl at the most precisely appropriate moments… It never ceased to Amaze me how when no matter where we were, once we started manipulating Power, either the sound would go out, or there would be some interfering anomaly. EA walked me through his gear, and it wasn’t anything shabby… We would do sound tests and checks, and everything would be crystal, but as soon as we started wielding power, or manifested Real contact with entities, things would go haywire… over and over again. EA even sent in his equipment after we left for calibration, just to eliminate the possibility of technical problems unrelated to evocation, and everything came back solid. I think the course came out Fucking Phenomenal!! And am sure we’ll take more preemptive measures to capture the sound as best we can (knowing what we know now) the next time we all collaborate to update the course! :slight_smile: For pioneering this kind of Magickal Instruction, EA is Fucking Juggernauting through all the barriers of New Ground, Doubt, and sheer Resistance of all kinds, carrying the Black Flag into a new Era without relent! …I can’t wait to see what the future of this redefining Movement holds ahead!! :slight_smile: