Does any one know of any demons angels or spirits with Venus planetary energy ? Does Venus govern lust? Or is mars more of a lust energy because it’s aggressive?

I think lucifer its associated with Venus. And kedemel and hagiel.


Venus is love, Mars is lust.

Mars is the masculine and in our natal chart it describes how we take action in life, and our sexuality, and the type of men we’re sexually attracted to.

Venus is the feminine and in our natal chart it describes how we operate or what we look for in relationships, and the type of women we’re sexually attracted to.

Lucifer does have Venus energy.

Venus rules Taurus and Libra, I am a Libra myself. Not to brag, but we’re just naturally aesthetic. People who just have that ease of beauty to them, just chill and serene and aesthetic and graceful, tend to have a lot of Venus in their chart (Libra or Taurus, but usually Libra). You can try to invoke/evoke more Venus energy into you if you want to embody those graceful beautiful aspects, and probably glamour magic. Aphrodite is closely related to Venus if I’m not mistaken.

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